This poem is too beautiful to not share. It is written by a dear friend of mine. I encourage you all to visit his blog. He has a real gift with words and engorgements. You'll never find a better friend and writer in the same place. He will always be there to support you in... Continue Reading →

This one

Today was good at first. Then it was confusing, then it was painful... Then hard. Now, I am hurt and mad and numb and I am just lost. Parenting is hard and painful and I finding that as my child gets older the joyful parts are smaller and the painful, hurtful parts are more consuming.... Continue Reading →

Mind Your Business

What is wrong with people? Okay that’s a loaded question… with no answer! I have read a few post with people having full fits! Totally conundrums! They seriously can’t figure things out once they spot a few people don’t have on a thin paper mask on their face. It’s like full panic takes over… brain... Continue Reading →

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