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Yesterday was… a lot! We drove about 8 hours on very little sleep and we’re extremely overwhelmed with emotions. Saying goodbye was harder than we thought it would be! But It felt amazing to get to our hotel and hit that soft bed after that drive! We went through North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and finally landed in Nebraska. Our hotel was in a little place called Grand Island, NE. We all were counting down the last hours, minutes to that hotel. All we could think about was that bed! That bed… it was amazing! Maybe I was just because we were all so tired but I’m pretty sure that was the nicest bed ever in a hotel ever! Either way this morning we all woke up feeling like brand new! Sleep does a brain good! Now ready to get back on the road!


Excited for today! It’s 4 hours to Wray Colorado! This is where my Dads side of our family lives and we plan to stop to have lunch with my Aunt, Uncle and Grandparents! It has been far to long since I’ve seen my family so I’m so happy 😁 for today! This is the part of the trip my heart has been craving! From there we are headed to Aurora Colorado to stay with my Dad tonight and have dinner with The Meg and my friends! It’s gonna be a good day! My heart needs this! I think my kids really need this family time too. On a side note… I wish Jason understood how bad we needed this family time and allowed us move of it. It’s time to get truckin’ along! Xoxo sk


I'm Skelly! I'm a beginner in the writing world. It's through observing and be a great listener that I translate all my experiences through writing. Sometimes it's journaling and other times it's through poetry.
I've been blessed with a passion for sharing the world around me through words.
Come interrupteur the world with me. It's so much better with company!

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My name is Skelly. I am a mother, a wife and unfinished project for life. Writing and researching has been part of my life since I could hold a pencil in my hand. Mental Health and Spiritual Wellness is a focus of mine, as I grow stronger in faith. Now, I hope to revisit storytelling, poetry and journal writing and the YouTube world possible to share and connect with all of you! Thanks for sharing in this life with me!

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