Being An Empaths With Faith

Being An Empathic Person


After reading a few different blogs last week, along with some very trying experiences of my own the last few weeks;  I was sent on my own emotional mazed that left me tucked out and doing what I always do. Researching all the “Whys?”

The Empath|

I feel everything. When I say I “feel” everything…I mean, I feel all the energy and it doesn’t have to be in the room with me. It can just be anywhere in the atmosphere, near “my people”, or even past energy that’s left over. The environment present and past. It’s something I can just sense. It can be good and sometimes bad.  Somethings just trigger more than others and I don’t know why? It’s the words that I hear and that I’ve read that affect me. Yes, I’m sensitive to it all. But don’t be confused, I’m not being “sensitive about anyone personal…it’s the energy they give off and how it’s changes and effects me.

I’m unique but I’m not the only one like me.

I notice things. I notice your every movement or lack of movement. I will most likely notice you when normal you wouldn’t be noticed at all or are trying not to be noticed on purpose. I’m an observer. I take the tone and manner you speak, the rise and fall of your voice. The time it takes you to reply to an email or text… I pay attention to details with little effort at all in the moment it’s all happening. I take it all in, just like taking a breath. Everything that was there and wasn’t there and I absorb it all, I analyze the data and over think it, I process. The more negative and difficult you are the more this becomes weary on my soul and exhausting.

I know things. I’m like a bloodhound to a lair. If you have bad intention I know it before you do. People like to talk to me. They tell me everything about their lives and I’ll listen to whatever they’ve got for me but I can sort out the truth like a crime scene investigator. I can’t explain how I do it or how I know truth from fiction but I know. Fake people and liars, I can spot a mile away. This causes me to distance myself but never be able to completely be honest about the reason why I’ve disappeared from ones life. This is against my nature but it’s also painful for me to hurt someone even with the truth.

The world is too much for me at times but I really want to be apart of it. It’s hard to be a constant contradiction. People never understand you and this leaves me feeling depressed and alone. Sometimes even a little crazy. The battle between craving acceptances from others and standing firm in my Faith and convictions is always a struggle. Not because they battle each other but because people question them, question me… this forces me to always be on the defensive and become angry with others and even myself. Ultimately I end up feeling defeated…drained…ashamed…judged.

Secondly, because I am able to feel/know things about situations or people even before there happen (my not a physic, nope I don’t have the winning lotto numbers). However, I do believe I am a sensitive and this puts me in overloaded with feeling by unseen things that I can even explain daily.

Example: I will think about calling my Mom or sending a text and then my phone will ring and it will be my Mom. Or I will have a terrible feeling for weeks that I need to pray for peace because trouble is brewing in a friendship/co-workers/family/ I just know something bad is about to happen that going to be underhanded. I’ll have nightmares even about it. I don’t know what is it specifically then weeks or maybe even a month later I’ll get a call or text that someone did something very deceitful or shocking to someone and it usually last years and ruins things for someone for along time…it’s happened many times.

Once I had a strange peace come over me a about my husband. I knew my husband was going to have an opportunity somewhere and it was going to be fine. This was really strange at the time because life was not great for him and he was very stressed and struggling. After a few weeks he called and told me he lost his job but I told him he would be fine and I wasn’t worried at all because I had this peace I couldn’t explain.. Less than a week later he was working for a better company and we moved from Colorado. I just knew somehow. Some would say this is witchcraft but I believe God gave me these gifts and I should in fact use them but I do need to be careful.

I am a Christian. I love God and I am raising my kids to know God and His word. I’ve known of Jesus since I was five years old but I didn’t really understand prayer or know about the Bible until about Seven years old. It was then I was learned how to pray and started to understand that God was doing something special with me. However, even now… going on super old…I am still trying to manage and be a good steward of these gifts that I’ve been blessed with.

If you are an Empathic person or know someone who is, here are some triggers for them to watch out for. Empathic souls take care people but rarely have anyone to care for them. They are the shoulder without a shoulder themselves and will most likely never ask for one.



Rushing, arguing, low blood sugar, and loud effing cars/motorcycles are my biggest ones.


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