And It Begins|Moving Week One

Sunday Night

I’m beat. Last week was a lot of pre-work stuff but this weekend we really had to get busy. I don’t believe I had a place on my body that wasn’t aching but what hurts more than my body was my brain. My head just simply can’t take anymore. It’s been like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle in dark, in a wind tunnel, with a class of toddlers running around the last few days. Dealing with our princess of a Landlord and this freaking shoebox house, really should be the least of our worries right now but here we are bending the knee to the queen! It all makes me what to puke! I wish I could share this part of our nightmare and maybe one day I will but I can’t get in to it… I want to but I can’t.

The entitlement and rudeness that’s just is natural here. Everyone’s so mean and angry! It’s for sure more people that are this way than are not. Always in a hurry, going nowhere fast! Get out of their way! Quotes about strength family wisdom 23 Super ideas #quotes

I can not wait to get out of the way perimently…California, I will not miss you.

I can think of a few co-workers, I’ll miss for sure but they’ll have to come visit me because I don’t think I will ever come back to state ever again. Without them, I’d have nothing good to say at all! I’ve done my time here.

The day that we driving away will be the best feeling ever. Packer will be here Tuesday and trust me I am counting down the days!