I thought for a moment I found a way out.

Thought the battling was reaching an end.

There for a second I wasn’t going to pretend.

Just a small glimpse of light.

Then I blinked and it was gone.

I tried my best to hold on.

Just go with the flow.

Why’s it always so loud in here?

Keep doing this for another year?

Electricity, shooting through my skull.

You ask me again, what’s wrong?

I’m me and I don’t belong.

Someday we’ll be in a place better than this.

I won’t hold my breath.

I won’t have to fight back death.

Won’t live a silent war anymore..

Won’t fight these thoughts trapped in my head.

Hear my words, feel what’s unsaid.

I can push and pull away.

I’m on the edge, it keeps me alone.

A perfect storm, only I’ve known.

My welcome home replays.

Memories swarm my mind.

Makes me reach back for a different time.

I hold on to hope like a tiny flame.

But the wind blows hard everyday.

Keep my flame lit, I pray.

Fight to make you really understand.

Sick of explaining.

I can feel every part of myself draining.

Tired of repeating this anxious routine.

Creating static in the between.

I want to you to know where I’m at.

Just want to have a place to belong.

I’m tired of being all alone.





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Hi✌🏼 I'm Skelly! I'm a beginner in the writing world. It's through observing and be a great listener that I translate all my experiences through writing. Sometimes it's journaling and other times it's through poetry. I've been blessed with a passion for sharing the world around me through words. Come interrupteur the world with me. It's so much better with company!

3 thoughts on “ALONE

    1. I’m good. It hard to describe the mess or put pain in my head sometimes. Especially exhausting to play it on repeat with someone who should know me the best. Frustrating at times. However, I’m doing well overall and though my words might seem a little worrisome… I’m in good spirits.

      “He left the 99, to find me”
      I repeat this often ❤️🙏🏼

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