About Skelly

So who’s on the other side of this page? That’s why you’re here, right? To get to know a little about me.

Well, in short I’m a mom of two kids, a wife, a daughter and sister (I think?). I believe in God and without my faith I most surely would not be here today. But still there’s more to me than this.

I’m a writer, a blogger, a poet, a dreamer and journaler. A decoder of my dreams and researcher of history. Lover of animals and home of the homeless pup!

Reading this blog you will find all different kinds of post from mental health to travel post, poems to pictures of the leaves changing from season to sunset sky lines or my rants of pure confusion about how my world at the moment has broken my heart.

I share my life day to day in real time, raw, real and beautiful and ugly all of it… as I process life with my followers in hopes that maybe we will connect in helping each other, sharing a laugh and most importantly encouraging one another in love and support.

This is me.

Let’s build something together.

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