A Day At A Time|Accountability Check

Accountability Check

Truth time…

As much as I want to be raw and totally honest with all of you by telling you to my current weight…I feel like jumping off a cliff sounds more likely than that ever happening. Well…I will promise you all this if when I get to my goal weight, all it will take is a little math skills on your part and you’ll figure it out!

My goal is to lose a total of 30lbs but I real don’t want to focus on the number to much. I am going to focus on my eating habits and moving my body more. Instead, I’ll be more conscientious about healing my gut by eating clean, becoming physically strong and toning up; overall taking better care of my body, mind and soul. Eating more natural foods, less processed foods and less red meats. I really do love a good steak but my digestive system does not so I need to start listening. Time to eat more protein, more veggies, healthy fats…we all know the drill!

I’ll never give up… ❤️ ☕️

Sure, I know I’ll have my hang ups! My deep love with coffee…every kind of coffee! I do not discriminate on a good café! However, I like to think of myself of a bit of a coffee, Espresso, ect. connoisseur. A good cup of hot creamy rich caffeine in a perfect mug, is pure heaven to me. So giving up my heaven on Earth isn’t going to happen but I am going to find the best way to stay healthy so to keep my life-gas in my life. I love it too much! It makes me over the moon- happy and I’m pretty sure it’s the one thing some days that keeps me from murder!

Accountability Checkin| ONE 1/6/2020

I started this process slowly for sure and had no clear direction when I made the decision to get physically health. With that said I want be really clear, by saying I am NO  nutritionist! Pinterest and other websites are guiding me on this quest for health! Do not follow me for advice. I don’t know what I’m doing…


  • WORKED OUT  MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY (sick on Wednesday no workout)  

Workout Resistance Bands 4-in-1 Set – Zanlah #fullbodybodyweightworkout


  •          MONDAY- fruits/meats/coffee with creamer /water- No processed no foods
  •          TUESDAY- sick today( no workout ) water all day/half a sandwich 
  •          WEDNESDAY-coffee with creamer /fruit/cheese/water-meat/cheese/veggies-smart popcorn
  •          THURSDAY-coffee with creamer /fruit/cheese-water/gatorade-meat/cheese/fruit-No processed food
  •          Friday- coffee with creamer /fruit- water/meat cheese wrap /veggie/ fasting 11am on – coffee with creamer /water 



This is a basic Keto ChartBasic Keto Food Ideas 👌 . Tag a friend that would find this post helpful 🥳 @thedonsc . What’s your favorite meal/snack on keto😋? . This is for all my newbies that are just starting keto or if you’re just trying to eat less carbs. These are some simple low carb meal/snack options 🙌 . The closer you stick to the basics, the better your results will be (less processed fooods and snacks)🙌 . When first starting keto, don’t stress out about macros. Just focus on staying under 20 net carbs. Your c


This is a LAZY Keto Chart

8 Charts That Will Turn You Into a Keto Expert


So Far…

I’m glad I’ve been able to make it these couple days because willpower is not my thing. Jason gave in and had a cheeseburger the other day and I won’t lie, it looked damn good! I don’t blame him at all and he has been doing good too! But I had NO fast food and ate my veggies! I know that I too will give in at times and I will still have my guilty pleasures sometimes! Life is short we need to enjoy it! I just want to feel good all over and that’s my plan.

It feel really good being able to take action on this, even if it’s only been a week! See ya next week with another accountability check and if you don’t then please keep me accountable!


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2 thoughts on “A Day At A Time|Accountability Check

  1. Like you are overweight 🙄

    I’ll tell you what helped me. I was pushing 200 lbs… I gave up obvious sugar. But I got wise about bread, rice and other carbs too. When you buy something check the label. An item might boast a low carb but check below at the daily value of added sugar. You’re going to see how much sugar really is in the item there.

    Of course, moderation! Discipline yourself to not just a calorie to exercise ratio but also workout to what you’ve consumed. If you’ve indulged in carbs, do at least 30 minutes cardio and/or midsection. If protein, do upper body or an overall body workout. Hope this makes sense…

    I try to keep carbs below daily minimum. And I protein out more. I’m kind of doing keto but but only allowing a very small portion of carbs because you need quick energy.

    So far I’ve went from 200 to 175 the other day and I’ve been doing this since last October. Hope this helps you.

    1. That’s pretty much me! Trying to exercise more and eat a lot less…not that I ever eat very much but just what I eat is definitely different!

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