A Day At A Time|Accountability Check

Accountability Check

Truth time…

As much as I want to be raw and totally honest with all of you by telling you to my current weight…I feel like jumping off a cliff sounds more likely than that ever happening. Well…I will promise you all this if when I get to my goal weight, all it will take is a little math skills on your part and you’ll figure it out!

My goal is to lose a total of 30lbs but I real don’t want to focus on the number to much. I am going to focus on my eating habits and moving my body more. Instead, I’ll be more conscientious about healing my gut by eating clean, becoming physically strong and toning up; overall taking better care of my body, mind and soul. Eating more natural foods, less processed foods and less red meats. I really do love a good steak but my digestive system does not so I need to start listening. Time to eat more protein, more veggies, healthy fats…we all know the drill!

I’ll never give up… ❤️ ☕️

Sure, I know I’ll have my hang ups! My deep love with coffee…every kind of coffee! I do not discriminate on a good café! However, I like to think of myself of a bit of a coffee, Espresso, ect. connoisseur. A good cup of hot creamy rich caffeine in a perfect mug, is pure heaven to me. So giving up my heaven on Earth isn’t going to happen but I am going to find the best way to stay healthy so to keep my life-gas in my life. I love it too much! It makes me over the moon- happy and I’m pretty sure it’s the one thing some days that keeps me from murder!

Accountability Checkin| ONE 1/6/2020

I started this process slowly for sure and had no clear direction when I made the decision to get physically health. With that said I want be really clear, by saying I am NO  nutritionist! Pinterest and other websites are guiding me on this quest for health! Do not follow me for advice. I don’t know what I’m doing…


  • WORKED OUT  MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY (sick on Wednesday no workout)  

Workout Resistance Bands 4-in-1 Set – Zanlah #fullbodybodyweightworkout


  •          MONDAY- fruits/meats/coffee with creamer /water- No processed no foods
  •          TUESDAY- sick today( no workout ) water all day/half a sandwich 
  •          WEDNESDAY-coffee with creamer /fruit/cheese/water-meat/cheese/veggies-smart popcorn
  •          THURSDAY-coffee with creamer /fruit/cheese-water/gatorade-meat/cheese/fruit-No processed food
  •          Friday- coffee with creamer /fruit- water/meat cheese wrap /veggie/ fasting 11am on – coffee with creamer /water 



This is a basic Keto ChartBasic Keto Food Ideas 👌 . Tag a friend that would find this post helpful 🥳 @thedonsc . What’s your favorite meal/snack on keto😋? . This is for all my newbies that are just starting keto or if you’re just trying to eat less carbs. These are some simple low carb meal/snack options 🙌 . The closer you stick to the basics, the better your results will be (less processed fooods and snacks)🙌 . When first starting keto, don’t stress out about macros. Just focus on staying under 20 net carbs. Your c


This is a LAZY Keto Chart

8 Charts That Will Turn You Into a Keto Expert


So Far…

I’m glad I’ve been able to make it these couple days because willpower is not my thing. Jason gave in and had a cheeseburger the other day and I won’t lie, it looked damn good! I don’t blame him at all and he has been doing good too! But I had NO fast food and ate my veggies! I know that I too will give in at times and I will still have my guilty pleasures sometimes! Life is short we need to enjoy it! I just want to feel good all over and that’s my plan.

It feel really good being able to take action on this, even if it’s only been a week! See ya next week with another accountability check and if you don’t then please keep me accountable!