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You’re Alright

What was the best compliment you’ve received?

Thinking back to a compliment I’ve received can be difficult to think of any.

If not that I haven’t been given a compliment before. I think I have. I’ve had complimented on my looks and outfits here and there. I’ve been told that I have a lovely, comfortable house and my marriage is a goal most could only wish for.

But I hardly accept them as praise.

I’m not sure why I don’t think of these things things as complements just things I work hard for and I’m thankful for.

I’ve been told I have bright and kind children, that are well-mannered and have a strong foundation. I’ve been told I’m funny, witty and have a way with words. That all in all people gravitate to us.

As much as I appreciate that people enjoy my kids and me, I just haven’t thought it was a compliment to be told I do my job raising my kids and being a good person. We should be doing that already.

When I was in my darkest days and thought death might be better than living, I was making it through each day somehow. During that time I was told I was doing alright. It hit me that I was in fact doing alright… Even if I didn’t think so at the time.

When I couldn’t smile for myself, someone still saw light in me and thought I was more than alright.

I remember that.

I’ve had better than alright days since then but I’ve day I’m just alright too… But I know no matter what I’m always gonna be alright.


1 thought on “You’re Alright”

  1. The first thing that comes to mind was when I was at a conference for teachers in the early 2000s, and I saw one of my old professors (“Dr. Samuels” from DLTDGB). He was retired by then, but still involved with the production of a textbook series he had co-written. He was talking to some colleague of his in the publishing world (he was co-author of a textbook that was popular at the time) and he introduced me as, “This is Greg. He was one of my former students… Well, let’s be honest, he was one of my *best* former students.”

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