Uncommon Emma

Uncommon Emma

Uncommon Emma

Chapter One:

The creatures that roam among us

Emma sat down for another day of work and said,” today will be a good day.” She always worried about being enough, doing the right things, and is qualified in the many roles she had to take on, which plagued her.

For months now, she had been working on trusting her abilities. Emma had gained confidence in this particular role she was new to and was beginning to feel the tiniest bit of comfort. She was doing a great job and overcoming the sabotage around her with an ease she had never known. She knew this was all because of the other role she struggled with. This supernatural ability that she wasn’t quite sure how to define. The part was more than a position or job but more of a calling on her life… one she never asked for.

Either way being able to pay her bills now in a position that she felt confident in gave her a sense of pride and hope. Something Emma had been lacking for far too long. Emma’s ability to weed out frauds and a keen sense of observation gave her an edge that others couldn’t compete with.

This only increased her confidence at work., Still, Emma’s weakness was doubting herself. That nagging voice in her head that she would never fit in. Never belong anywhere, never being part of anything special. She’d always be different, not in a good way but in a weird and off way. She would never really come into her true purpose fully. It haunted her in her dreams.

If Emma was honest with herself, this was her only real setback, doubt, and shitty anxiety. They went hand in hand for her. She knew in her heart she had been blessed with a rare gift. Despite all the hardship and betrayal, she came out better for it. Wiser. Different. Set apart from the rest. It had all led her to this place. This extraordinary and sometimes terrifying land.

But it was foreign to her anymore… It was becoming commonplace for her. Which was almost annoying to Emma. By this time, she should be better equipped to handle things and know and understand this world and all the breasts that come with it. But she wasn’t. She was ill-prepared, and she knew it. It scared the hell out of her!

Emma prided herself on being resilient and having a sense of matters that others… Well, they just couldn’t understand because of her personal journey. It was a journey that led her down some unspeakable roads, places she never wanted to think about again, but those roads gave her these rare gifts.

Of course, it would have been lovely to never go through those things and never feel that pain or see the ugly kind of human and still be able to obtain this supernature power that Emma held, but that’s not how this works.

All that pain wasn’t for nothing. She was made new. A term Emma had never heard before. Little did she know it would become a term she would hear often. She learned not only what it means but how it feels.

To be made different, you have to go through the fire. You’re melted and molded. Changed and reborn into something new. It’s not an easy process, and it’s never-ending. Being changed this way causes you to see, hear, and be a knower of many things. Sometimes Emma wished she didn’t “know” the things she did.

Emma lived a lonely life being different than the people around her. She was never good a casual conversation or fake laughing at jokes that weren’t funny… She knew she came off awkward. This rare gift caused Emma to keep her circle incredibly small. However, the friendships Emma did have were significant. She had two very close friends, Jordan and Liz, with who she spoke daily without fail! Otherwise, Emma tried not to spend too much time in crowds unless she had to. It drained her and made her feel sick… not only that, she always ended up having nightmares that night. It would take a few days to recover.

She always saw more than just the simple smile; she saw what was behind the smile. Conversations came to Emma’s ears differently; she could sense the intention behind every word. The atmosphere would change for Emma; she could feel it in her bones. The air became heavy or a presence she could not explain, but knowing in her core and the fiber of her being, the energy had shifted. She just knew things… unexplainable things. Not in a fortune-teller way, but something more profound, surreal, and God-like. As if a voice not her own whispered small words to her, sometimes a warning, other times it was something else… something Emma couldn’t put her finger on.

Emma often found herself isolated and lonely due to her inability to be more than a few people at a time without beginning to feel weak and uncomfortable. So she spent much of her alone in her room with her dog, Lewis, a slightly tan little girl mutt that she found covered in dirt and all alone about 3 years earlier. They had grown to depend on each other, best friends. Now together, they spent their days reading and researching, taking little walks, and enjoying the quiet of each other.

Lewis and Emma had had a rough journey before their paths crossed, and now they were helping each other, guiding in many ways, and even protecting one another. Divine intervention. During the day, while Emma was at her new job, Lewis did what dogs do, waiting patiently for her to come home, but she also kept the space clear for her human. They were connected in a way even Emma didn’t understand.

Emma needed to recharge herself from the energy stolen from her throughout the day during work and get ready to do it again the next day. So after her day was finished, Emma would dim all the lights in the house and light a single candle. She grabbed a book, her journal, and a blanket, and her pal, Lewis, would jump on her lap. They both sit back and relax. This was the routine Emma had gotten used to.

It had become a ritual that both she and Lewis looked forward to. Emma would read, research, and write as the sun would set. Sitting in prayer and trying to understand if she was cursed or blessed with a unique gift. Her fur companion would keep her warm on her lap, only raising her head to glance around the room occasionally. They did this day in and day out.

Living this way was both beautiful and draining to Emma. Knowing that without the break and relief from her daily grin and the people in it, she would succumb to the elements around her and die, but being fully aware that she could do something no one else could, was humbling and amazing. This beauty of seeing things no one else could wasn’t lost on her. She knew it was a gift, even if it sometimes felt like a significant burden.

When Emma felt burdened and afflicted, she’d sit quietly with Lewis, close her eyes, and wait for peace to fall over her. She never said a word. She would simply just be. Soon a small voice would come; other times, a flash of color would flood behind her eyelids, but every time the presence of peace would wash over her.

The atmosphere would change, and it was clean; that heavy weight of shame and confusion was gone. It was amazing and gratifying to feel God’s handy work with such ease. To tap in and connect with a simple moment of stillness. Emma had a connectional charge that surged like an electrical spark, speaking to her clearly. It was everywhere, and she felt overwhelmed with emotion and love to be chosen for such a gift of intimacy and discerning. Even if she didn’t understand it.

Yet there were other times she wished she didn’t always know the intention of the people around her. To have ignorance and bliss from the world around her might be nice. Emma might welcome a world where she could believe her peers liked her and things were always fine even if there weren’t. She saw those people walking around, lost in their phones, muttering to themselves, unaware of their surroundings. They weren’t happy on the inside, but they often did have a false sense of happiness. There were days Emma would have taken that then bear the truth. There’s a pain in the truth you can’t take back once it’s known. Knowing people’s true intentions were exhausting, making Emma distance herself from most people altogether.

This brings us to today. Emma took her chair and sat down, trying to block out the vibrations of all the interactions that came her way and just have a good day, unfazed by the spectral realm. Emma smiled and said good morning to her fellow co-workers, and as their different frequencies traveled through the air and hit her skin, raising her hair, she did her best to ignore it and let it move past her.

Again Emma said to herself, “today will be a good day,” and kept working, minding her own business. She knew this made her seem a little reserved and withdrawn from the people around her, but it was the only way to keep herself safe from the biggest threat to her peace. The shapeshifter– which had many names.

She had encountered them before but mostly just in passing. As much as she didn’t want to deal with them, they didn’t want to be revealed by her, so keeping their distance from each other was easy.

The ones Emma seemed to struggle with the most were what she called Narcissus. Plain and simple, these things were a sickness of greed, and ego, lacking any real love other than for themself, disguised as regular people. There were everywhere, tricking and scamming everyone, even each other. They could be very dangerous and convincing, taking advantage of people and ruining their lives. They would get what benefits them and then move to the next life they wreck.

As much as Emma hated them, she could smell them a mile away. She always thought they were pretty easy to spot, which is why their targets are the most distracted and needy of humans. People that are desperate for love and acceptance. Narcissus love them. All they have to do is say a few sweet nothings, and they are hooked for life. Disgusting! It drove Emma nuts, but there was little she could do about it other than keep her distance from them together.

Of course, when her close friend started dating one of these rats, she had to hear all about it! This was wearing on her soul, being so close to that slime. It made Emma sick, and it took her years to recover. The friendship never made a recovery entirely. No one likes to hear the truth. The spiritual battle that is happening among us, not all can see. Emma knew this, but still, she had to try and save her friend. It was too late.

The Changeling, otherwise known as Narcissus. She had recently been near the worst of the very worst. This one had been at it for a while and had never been challenged. The shapeshifter is often called a changeling and is crafty at manipulation. They drain your energy quickly and sabotage you at every turn. They will ruin you worst than a Narcissus because they can completely change who they are, making you feel crazy and leaving you red-handed in situations they put you in. They can even be Narcissus if they choose to! They cause illness and death while being upbeat, helpful, and cheery. To make this all the more disturbing, many people love them and find them most endearing. These creatures can be anything at any time, changing without notice. And they do all while making people fall in love with them.

It is hard to tell what made them this way or if they knew they were doing these terrible things when it first started for them. When they first start down this shapeshifter path, it could be anything from a traumatic experience that sparks them to a lie that built on to another that never stopped. Maybe it’s because they are born missing some part of themselves and create new personalities until this demon form takes over. Perhaps it’s because they like being one thing to some people and something new to others. They benefit from it, so they keep doing it until it’s out of control and takes over? They change daily or from place to place, and no one understands them or what makes them the way they are. All Emma knew was that different avenues to becoming a shapeshifter existed. There is no way to know who they are or how they become monsters.

Emma, of course, was startled to see a Shapeshifter in her place of business. She didn’t sniff this Changeling-Shapeshifter out immediately, which meant it was more craft and had been at it for a while. It was nearly a whole month before the smell of rot started stinging Emma’s sinuses. But what gave this nasty creature away the face change.

Emma had had a few things happen that caused concern early on. There was a little pushback and manipulation from this person but nothing to reach supernatural levels. Emma had felt something was off, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. It was always over dumb things, little things. Like asking Emma to say for 7 more minutes just to show control and put Emma in her place. “Um, okay, I guess, Emma would say.” It was an odd request, but Emma didn’t want to be difficult and wasn’t sure why anyone would ask such a ridiculous thing.

There were other things too. For example, this person would make unnatural noises in the back of their office, and she thought no one heard. Or random shout-out comments, or interject themselves into a conversation they weren’t part of. It was overly forceful. But again, Emma thought maybe it was simply a pushy, insecure person… she wasn’t getting signs of super nature creepiness.

Until that day… Emma sat at her computer, working away as she did, conversations going on around; a strong smell hit her in the face like a wave of rotting hot garbage from the direction of her pushy co-worker’s office. Emma looked that way to see just over the top of their computer screen, and the sight caused Emma to fall to the floor.

In shock, Emma ghast as her co-worker’s face wasn’t a face but was morphing into a giant oversized, blistering, gray blob with solid black holes for eyes. Even with the computer screen covering most of this thing’s face, Emma could see a mouth stretched in a creepy grin from one ear to ear that ripped crossed the gray melted face.

Emma, now on the floor, took her other co-workers by surprise. She apologized and pulled herself together, blaming her chair for the fall. With her heart beating out of her chest, she did what she could to steady herself. She was clearly dealing with a Shapeshifter that had been at this for a long time. One that could easily conceal well. A Changeling from the old days, who could convince, trick, maneuver, and scheme. This was not just the average dangerous Changeling… no, this was very skilled. Maybe one of the originals.

Emma would have to watch herself and prepare. It was time to research and protect herself.

The End… Or is it?

Do you have a sixth sense? Do you feel things around you, even unseen? Do you “know” things without explanation. Seeing things before there happen? Are uncommon?


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