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What The Heck IS Going On?

Now that I’ve done my deep cleaning therapy read about 30 different blogs and a few chapters in my new book got some much-needed rest and prayer time in, I have come to that part of my mind space where I need to make a plan. A writing plan.

Some of you won’t care about this, and I am fine with you skipping this post altogether. But maybe there are a few of you that feel like I do. Maybe you can often give some advice or encouragement in the comments or email me.

Some may have read that I started a new position at a public school here in Texas. It’s fantastic, and I love it. I probably won’t stop saying that for awhile. If you didn’t read my last post, you could do a quick read here also here, It’s been a crazy and extremely busy December.

Change can be challenging, but it’s good too. I know all about that. But here I am now in need of a thought-out plan. I have always posted a life update… primarily for my own well-being, at the end of the month and in weekly done two posts. On Tuesdays, I liked having that day been a free writing post, With poems, quotes, and saying whatever beauty, sweetness, and darkness might come to my mind. But on Thursdays, I do my short stories and/or continue on with a chapter of what has been, Eat it. The story of Sweet Vera. I will link the chapter below for those who want to read what I have written.

However, this writing schedule does not work for a tried mother who works full time and has lovely but very needy children. Plus, I start my next WP course. I know others blast through these classes, but I do all the homework and take my time. I guess that’s the teacher in me. I have racked my brain over this, and I just don’t know how to do both well.

How do I give my writing a real shot, keep learning and developing like I need to, be a mother and wife like my family needs me to be, and work like I want to and my family needs me to? It is impossible. Something needs to go… or gets less of me. That’s just how it will be.

It’s going to have to be the writing. The writing will get less of me. Yet, I feel this responsibility to Vera… my charter. I can’t leave her haunted in the forest, in the dark cellar. I know the plans… even though they are grim, she has a life that I want to write about.

Because her story is more important and complex than I initially thought, I need more time to develop it. So I will have to plan on one to possibly two chapters a month. Still coming out on Thursdays. I haven’t worked out the details yet. I don’t know if they will begin in January or if it will have to wait till February. But I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I will still post once a week; I again don’t have a day scheduled on my calendar yet. This post is going to be for my mental health. I don’t know if this will be a journal-style post, a poem, a quote, a picture, or all of the above. It might be long or short, or I might miss it altogether. Please be patient with me while I figure my life out. 😉🤍 I know y’all will.

In a couple of days, I will start my WP course and post my homework/ exercise, which will take up some of my writing time. I hope this inspires some of you and it is still enjoyable!

In closing, you can plan for a regular post no later than February to continue the story of, Eat up. The Story of Sweet Vera. You can also arrange for one post for me to stay connected weekly, and I hope y’all still enjoy this place. I love you much, @fabricthatmademe that I love so much. I thank each and every one of you for being understanding during my absence and supportive. I know the blogging world has changed so much since I started, but I still see so much love and kindness. I still see creative, remarkable people out here lifting spirits!

If anyone is interested, here are all the chapters of Eat up. The Story of Sweet Vera.

Chapter ONE
Chapter TWO
Chapter THREE
Chapter FOUR


Again, thank you all for your understanding. I hope you’re all let me know what works for you. I’d love to hear. Also- how was everyone’s Christmas? Did y’all get time to rest? I hope so!



4 thoughts on “What The Heck IS Going On?”

  1. I wish I had more of a sense of planning when it came to writing. The best I have done I guess is just making sure I write a little something each day, no matter if it is just a couple of sentences. It often ends up being late in the evening, and I tell myself to cut my writing short because I really need sleep. I never know what I am going to write until I sit down and see what is on my mind.

    I love writing Annabelle’s story – it is so satisfying, and I only wish I could allot more time to develop her story. Poetry is not something I can ever plan. It is a rare phenomenon from me – like a shooting star – I just have to catch the thought in my head and let it flow. Most of my posts are me just thinking out loud, or perhaps saying something that I should have said aloud in real life but was not able to find the words, or it just was not possible in the situation – writing about it later gives me the chance to process it.

    I like writing about love. It always feels good.


    1. Thank you so much for your response. It helps me keep going when life’s busyness takes over, and I start to feel guilty that I spend too much time in one area of life over the other. Knowing I am not alone out there helps.
      It is a satisfying feeling developing a character, their story, their path, their life. I take my experience, fears, wants, and desires and mix together my imagination to make a magical, haunting story. I get away from publishing things and write so much on my own, worried about keeping up with it for everyone else. I don’t want to let anyone down. When I add that pressure on myself, my writing suffers, and it doesn’t flow naturally anymore.
      I hope this new schedule I am trying to work for me. Thank you again for connecting!!

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