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December Update & Everything Else

What a December! It’s been a crazy time for me, as it has for many of us. I would typically do my end of month update on MailChimp, but this month I am in a bit of a rush! I also wanted to wait till after Christmas to include everything, but I just wanted to post something for y’all since I’ve been so absent. Plus, I have plenty to say!

Rhyme and Blues

Finding your groove after a significant change is hard. I should know; it seems like all I did was start over repeatedly. Not all changes are bad. The changes for me in the last two years haven’t been bad. Hard, yes, but not bad ones. But with every change comes bumps in the routine and difficulties for the whole family.

Health changes, surgeries, diet, exercise, moving, and daily routines to stay healthy with my mental and physical health. Medication and how I eat and work out… all of it was a massive change for me that was a ripple effect in my family. In the beginning, it was hard, and it annoyed everyone around me, but now they get it and see the good it has done.

Also, my husband began to make many of those same changes, and he has weight and become more energetic and healthy. It hasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

The jobs I have taken and the domino effect it’s had on our family. In a good way, it’s helped with extra income, but it’s also made things hard for my family, with me being less available for them.

It’s all been good in many ways but also exhausting. Finding our rhyme personally and as a family has been like tripping over ourselves in many ways. We get close to finding a good pace, and then something or someone goes, and F’s up for us. But that’s life for ya.

My family and I are currently busy finding a fit yet again, but I am more hopeful than ever.

Current State Of Affairs

The month of December started with a mix of emotions. Highs and lows. More family drama than one should have to deal with. My poor husband! I won’t go into detail for his sake, but I will say he is too good to have such crappy people in his life. He has such a big heart and so much love and forgiveness. My husband is a fantastic person, and I love him to pieces. He works hard. He cares for people, goes out of his way for them, and is a faithful man… it just breaks my heart how cruel (some) of his family is to him. He doesn’t deserve it. Luckily my family treats him as a son and loves him like their own. My sister loves him too. He has a family in my family, and they love him no matter what his family dishes out. Always.

After that, I had a high! I finished up and keep going on some more writing courses through WordPress! I have learned so much! I highly recommend them. I have signed up for my 3rd course but will not start until January because I need a little break in my brain… However, I had a great time with my first two and really dived in and explored new writing styles.

Then another high! I did a few interviews and was hired for two different jobs, but the one I expected was for an elementary school in the front office. I have always been a teacher and ran a classroom, so this is different for me, but so what I wanted and needed! I did my first interview and loved the principal, and then in the second interview, I met the rest of the team. I was in love with them all. That same day I got the call that I had been hired, so I guess the feeling was mutual!

A few weeks later, I started, and it’s been awesome! I truly am one of the lucky ones that can say they LOVE their job and co-workers. I know it’s only been a few weeks, but I love them, and the work is just what I wanted to do. I am still learning, but it’s coming along. I know I’ll get it, and things will fall into place. I feel really good about it.

The down part is that I am not accessible to everyone. That’s always hard for my family when I have a “real” job. When I have to be somewhere and can’t be right there for them, they get weird with me fast. I have to be at work super early, and although I get off at a good time, it’s still a full damn day. I have to pick up a kid from school, make random stops that are needed… there’s always something… and then make dinner, clean the house, feed the dog… you know life stuff. Before I know it, I know it’s time to go to bed! When extra things come up in the evening, it’s hard to add them in, but we do because we want to, and we are doing our best… sports, school events, family outings, and Christmas programs… it’s great but exhausting.

To start a new job during the busy season of the year is the worst and the best. It’s great to FINALLY get into a good school with great people… seriously I thank God every day. What a massive blessing it’s been! To know a good paycheck is on its way is a great blessing to our family. I’m thankful beyond!

However, I have company coming, and I am trying to prepare for that. It’s Christmas, and there is a ton to do! I have no time to do all things we all do! I feel like I am in over my head. Even writing this is hard for me. I know there is more good than bad in this situation. It’s more of an overwhelming problem I am having. Just trying to be there for everyone, make a great Christmas with all the fun things, and still learning my new job in a little time gap is overwhelming. I am not sure how well I am doing at that.

My writing schedule is way off. Honestly, do not have a plan right now, and I hate that. I am a person of organization and order. To be so random and chaotic is not suitable for me. I need time for rest, reading, writing, and exercise. Mentally and physically, it’s not good for me. I fall apart.

Hope and Joy

In everything, there is a silver lining. Nothing is all terrible, and God’s plans for me are good. I believe in His plans for my life, even if I don’t understand them.

So many, this is a hard time of year for many people. I am not alone in that, but it’s a blessing too. I can say I have a great place to work. Something I have been searching for for a very long time. I have a great family. We aren’t perfect, but we understand and are there for each other. I am proud of my kids and how they have loved and supported their dad during this challenging time. And my own extended family and how they loved my husband and helped him like they always have.

Family and friends are so important. Having people in our lives that heal, not hurt… priceless.

There is HOPE that in the new year, I will come back with the ability to make a good routine that brings security and function for my family and me. This will help to bring about peace for us all. Our days won’t be as busy, and weekends are not full of shopping and prepping.

There’s JOY in the coming year! Knowing I have this great job with great co-working makes me super happy. Did I already say how much I love my work… cause I do. The extra paycheck is excellent; I am making more than I have in a long time, which is nice. Being able to do something I love and be paid for is always a plus.

I will get a good writing scheduling back together and a working out routine… I know it will calm down, and things with settle. Jason and I will return to our date nights, the kids will get on track, and things will mellow out. We will be okay.

My joy never left. Even with Jason’s family trying to cause fires in our family, even with work being overwhelming, with kids pushing my buttons, even with the pressure of Christmas weighting on… even with a new job and not enough time in the day… even with this head cold I have… my joy never left.

God has always given me what I need. I am thankful in the storm, in the dark, and in the waiting.

January, I hope to give y’all a good schedule for my writing/posting. I will start my new writing course and keep trucking right along!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

SK 🎄


6 thoughts on “December Update & Everything Else”

  1. I wonder sometimes if I never got to have a family of my own because God knew I wouldn’t be able to handle everything… Don’t feel bad about making these changes. Everything is an adjustment at first, but it’ll all be ok.


    1. We are never fully ready and never know what we are doing. I feel God has qualified me in many ways because most days, I have no clue what I am doing…. just getting up every day and putting in my best effort. That’s all I got. That’s all we all have.

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