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Sorry Friends

Just a quick and unedited update.

My week of newness has me feeling many highs and super exhausted! But know I miss you all very much and am not going anywhere!

I am playing single mom this week while starting a brand new job- which, so far, I absolutely am in love with! To say I am overwhelmed by being all things for everyone is an understatement.

Sadly my writing has fallen off, and I am so far behind! But I plan on getting caught back up, and I trust that I will find a good rhythm.

Please be patient and know that my stories and journals are not going anytime soon! I’m just in a new place and in transition; I need some time to find a good groove.

Thank you all for your support and love this week, especially! I have a few people check in and ask where Chapter 5 of Eat up. The story of Sweet Vera? I can assure you that I have already been writing it, and it’s on its way!! I haven’t forgotten it!!

I’ll keep you posted, and in the meantime, please subscribe to stay up to date! Y’all are the best!! 💗

Xoxo Sk

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