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Beaming With Protective Peace

Growing Pains

Life is full of ups and down. No exceptions. Sometimes we live the high life, and everything seems to fall into place perfectly, with love and happiness at every corner. But other times, we experience sickness, pain, and actual evil at its worst. There is no rhyme or reason for the terrible things that happen to us. If we are honest with ourselves, we might have a hand in our own darkness, but it’s unknown why bad things happen to us the way they do. I know we all get a taste of both good and evil in this life, and it’s all about what you make of it.

Before you know it, your childhood is gone, and you’re dealing with adult matters. Making a hard decision that no one will be happy about, including yourself, in the end. Money troubles, career choices, family struggles, and health issues. Just doing your best to get by day to day. Seems like everyone has something to say about it. That never changes whether you’re a teenager or an adult.

Before you know it, your children are adults dealing with adult things. A snuggle and cookie won’t ease their pain anymore. We can only hope we’ve taught them well. To build on some good stuff, find the silver lining, and count their blessings. To take heart and never give up. The things that we learned the hard way, maybe… just maybe, we saved them some scrapes and bruises along the way? Time flies by, and moments fade into memories. What kind of memories have you made to reflect back on? Hopefully, there are more good ones.

I remember sitting on the front patio steps of my childhood home, enjoying a bit of quiet and peace. The sun’s warmth comforted me. I felt so calm at that moment. I remember paying close attention to how the wind blew through the aspen trees in our yard. The sound the leaves and branches that swinging in the breeze. The melody of the windchime in my neighbor’s yard. The creaking of the fence. My long brown hair brushed crossed my face. I felt like I was flying away.

My safe place

This was my sanctuary, where I felt the most restful and safe. This space was open, outside, where I could shut my eyes and drift away, unconcerned about the rest of the world and its burdens for just a moment. This peaceful space is where words become songs and rhymes become poems. Where I put my thoughts down on paper and became a writer without even knowing it. My soul was peaceful there, God’s creation, and He also fulfilled my purpose there. I still long for a place like that at times.

As I sit here today writing these words knowing the turmoil in my extended family and the selfishness that circles us, along with the new schedules and routines that await, I can’t help but be shaken. Our life is so short; when these days are over, they are over forever. We do not get them back. We never pay attention to the last day of something… when it’s done and gone.

All the time we waste sabotaging each other’s joy robs us of joy! The lie we refuse to face and continue to spread, and self-deprecating, I cannot have it! I just know God has more in store for us than that. Believe it! Every day is important, and we should live it as such.

When we were teenagers, we might have never thought we’d ever hit our knees and prayed this hard, asking for God’s protection and guidance. I was one of those kids who always prayed and was pretty sure I would never find my way. Sometimes I still feel lost to this day. But one thing that has remained true for me all my life, in all situations, is Jesus. He never left my side, not ever. Not when I was a lost, pain-in-ass teenager looking for a quiet place to rest or an adult searching for hope.

Why am I writing this today? What’s my point?

I needed to be authentic today. Not live in my fantasy land of mystery and ghosts…. but be honest and real. It’s good to get grounded and reflect on what’s happening around you, figure out what you need to do, and whatever nasty stuff is left, send it on its way.

This time of the year is when many people start to make resolutions and changes. I feel like my life has been nothing but new changes. I am a creature of habit! I like routines and comfortable regiments. To say that I am predictable is an understatement. I love being habitual!

Maybe all the uprooting and unpredictability I had in my life made me crave stability and predictability. There’s something safe and comforting about familiarity and needing my world to be very commonly placed. I know that it might seem crazy when I write about spooky weird, wild unreal things, but in my real life, I want simple, sweet, and quiet things. Which I do write about as well.

Click the link above to read one of my favorite posts this year. I wrote this for a WP course.

Soon I will start a new position that I am genuinely excited about. It’s a small little school that is nearly 80 years old. Talk about history! These amazing people had to fight to keep this school open! It was set to be torn down and replaced with a big new building. But NO! They fought and won because the community, parents, teachers, and staff love their school so much that they would not let their small town and sweet little community be turned into a new development and overgrown. Good for them! It just made me LOVE them more!

I will not be teaching this time around. I’ll be working in the office and supporting teachers while still getting to love and support students! It’s the best of both worlds. I was drawn to their support toward team building and kindness, something that has been missing for me. I felt so good when I walked into my second interview. The spirit these ladies had about them was so uplifting and joyful. I could not wait to be around them! I start December 5th.

The next issue

Nothing sets my soul on fire and gives me genuine happiness like writing. Sure, I would LOVE to make some big bucks, but I am not willing to add to the Amazon market and write a “5 Steps To Wellness” BS book just to get published. I just want to write whatever comes to my head, which might not always be marketable. I know that.

I have taken two WP writing classes, and they were absolutely amazing! I love them, and I’ve learned so much! I cannot wait for the next one. Which I plan to take after Christmas. However, I am changing my world again…

My new job, new writing schedule, new classes, my family is coming to town, the holidays, it’s all happening! I have so much coming at me; I want to do what is best and realistic. How much can I carry and still care for myself without losing my mind? Peace of mind is priceless.

I checked my WP stats, and y’all are all over the place! It has been; Tuesdays, which are the most popular, and Thursdays, second. But now its’ really random. I thought I’d try to post my short stories or at least continue my chapters of Eat Up. The Story of Sweet Vera every other Thursday, then the Thursdays in between, I would post whatever else this head of mine came up with. Either way, all my posts would be on Thursday, but now y’all got me wondering if Thursday is a good day? I would love some #feedback on this. What do you think?

Next week I will start my new position. My husband is traveling, and I can’t stop what I love… writing. But this is my writing calendar currently.

Click this link to read how I made my Editorial Writing Calendar.
Notebook calendar of the month of December. There of Christmas stickers on the calendar. The calendar is number but empty. There are markers and sticker scattered around the picture.

My current situation at the moment. My editorial writing calendar looks bear.

Solve The Problem

I know my following will stick with me if this is a good place for them, no matter the day I choose to post. Visitors come and go; I know that. We make connections here, and it means something to me. I don’t want to ghost my people and disappear from them. Even though e posted and emailed an update on these changes, t didn’t think it was good enough. I need YOUR #feedback. Your opinion matters to me.

In the end, I’ll get a set day to post once a week. When a day gets nailed down, I will let everyone know. If I get more time, I will write more! I keep forgetting that I am my own boss here and can change things as I go. Maybe I believe people care more than they do. I will care the most. This is my work. My story. My site and I will always care the most. So it might seem over the topic, but when you love something, you fight for it.

Right now, I’m just writing out my thinking process, and you get to see the wheels turning. They are a little squeaky and smoking, but they’re turning!

I will begin my next writing class after Christmas. I need time wearing this newness in like an old pair of boots. My husband said people like that new and exciting feeling they get the first week of school or at a new job, but I hate it and always have. So as soon as I can get into a nice rhythm with work, family, and self-care routine, I will have an easier time adding another thing to the mix.

Peace of mind

For now I go back to the sunny front step, where the wind blew my cares away. That mindful moment where I could fly away.

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