My Insignificance

My Insignificance

I am so small, just like a helpless child. Looking up to everyone. Everyone looking down at me. Needing help for my survival, needing a savior.

I am less to make room for more. How does God see me?

I’m but a speck in the universe, a grain of sand. Practically, nothing at all really. Who am I?

I am humbled by my smallness. I embrace my insignificance, my quietness, my meekness, so fragile, and breakable; in need of a rescuer- a Savior.

I could be embarrassed about how little I am.

How very insignificant I truly am.

I could be sad about how tiny and unremarkable I am.

But I don’t see myself through the eyes of the world. At times I’ve struggled to look at myself through my own lens, but I constantly reminded who I belong to.

I am not held to any defined role in this life.

I am not in awe of any earthly accomplishments or have held on to any pride.

I cannot compare or hold myself in high esteem or regard. I am just a child.

A child of God. I sit in His presence. I am content in being nothing and all He ever wanted me to be. I rest in His grace that washes over me.

Totally and utterly broken, but deeply loved. Absolutely insignificance but brought to life, awakened by God’s significance for me.

His beloved daughter.

I am affirmed by Jesus’s deep and unshakable love for me. I see how I must decrease for Him to increase. And in that, all things will be made right.

That is my prayer.

The most powerful lesson I’ve learned is to hold tight to my insignificance.

To be less, to make Him more.

To empty and replenish with Christ.

I see the great significance of insignificance in bringing God’s kingdom glory, bringing peace, and real purpose over my soul.

That’s the sweet spot.

Who am I to think so highly of myself? I cannot be skewed by the pressure of this world, ideologies, and well-meaning people, let alone my own self-conceived notions?

There’s freedom in being small.

Comfort in being insignificantly significant.

Just as God knew my name before I was ever born and each hair on my head. I will continue to remind myself that real joy and real peace will only be found in Christ Himself.

I now understand how God sees me.

My identity comes from Him alone.

I am a child of God.

I am significantly insignificant.


Magnify God

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