How I made my Editorial Calendar| Intro to Blogging Exercise

What were my steps:

I started in the month of September since I knew I’d be blogging about this exercise, and went through the month of November (so far) but the plan of course is to KEEP GOING!

First, I choose a calendar template that I liked. Then I began to organize my writing, editing, commenting, and scheduling days on my template. Next, I laid out my plan. How I wanted it all to fit together for the week and for the month.

They’re still plenty of details to consider. I am not sure how this will work out until I’ve more time to put this calendar to work. I’m going to need at least a month of doing what I have in place to know if it works for me. The great part is that it’s all changeable!

I choose the regular calendar format that I use in my day-to-day planner. I already know this calendar system well since I use it every day. It keeps me very consistent in all areas of my life, it’s a great fit for me! I added this calendar to my Writer’s notebook. It was easy, I just made a few copies of the calendar and glued them in place. After I placed my calendar format in my writing notebook it was time to make it mine by adding in the details!

A while ago I ordered planner stickers (click the link to order your Gold Foil Sticker Sheets) They have helped to keep me organized and added a bit of flare that I LOVE! I can be a color-coding queen at times. These stickers and my lighters give me too much joy!

September’s Schedule

What did I include?

How many posts can I handle to create in a week? I wanted to try for three posts a week, but in reality, I think it’s closer to two a week. However, for this exercise, I am going to try three posts. For the long term for me to have quality work and not feel rushed, I should stay with two posts a week.

I added editing/rewrite days, and schedule days which are my deadlines. My post day is the day my post goes live. Also, I added brainstorming topic days, writing days, Commenting, reading, and researching days. I need a day to interact with my writing community.

Once I had all the things that I needed to add to each week, I was able to start scheduling. I used my stats and insights information to figure out which days to schedule my post to go live. It looks like for my blog Thursday evening is the most popular day and the second most popular day is Tuesday. Using this information I’ve scheduled Post One to go live on Tuesday, Post Two on Thursday, and only for this exercise, Post Three on the following Tuesday. (and so on…)

What does a week look like?

In a “normal” week I plan on having Post One, {Tuesday’s post} as a poem, simple writing. Post Two will be a short story or fun/ freaky fact post {Thursday post}.

My week actually starts on Friday which seems… weird. Friday is Brainstorming day. I will work on both posts this day, work on my outlines, and start writing Post One.

Saturday, I will continue this but take time to work in the comment section of my community. I want to take some time to read and research on this day and grow in my knowledge. It’s a day to interact with other writers, connect, and read.

On Sunday, I take my writings from Friday and any ideas I’ve gathered from Saturday and rewrite and edit. I will add images and get my post ready to be published. I need to be done with this on this day and schedule it to go live on Tuesday. I will start writing Post 2- the short story.

Monday, I go over and finish anything needed for Post One, double-check publishing, and schedule to go live for Tuesday’s post. Start to schedule for Post Two!

TuesdayPost One goes live! Finish up edits and rewrites for Post Two, adding images/links if needed. Prepare Scheduling for Post Two to go live on Thursday. * If I can get ahead of the game and have Post Two done Tuesday, YAY ME!

Wednesday– Double-check comments and that my scheduling is on point! *working on self-improvement.

ThursdayPost Two goes live! *working on self-improvement.

Friday– my week starts again!

October’s Schedule
Post One/ Post Two Brainstorming for Week One
Post-Three-week One

What does a month look like?

There will be a total of 8-9 scheduled posting days in a month! I have 4-5 days of researching, brainstorming, and outlining! I have close to 8 days of working in the comment sections and interacting with other bloggers. There will be 7-9 days of rewriting and editing! I have between 18-24 writing days mixed in but 9 days that are strictly for writing. (I have a full-time job outside this house people!)

I also forgot that I will have one post at the end of the month that will be an update/journal-type post.

There will be monthly goals set to keep me motivated and healthy spiritually and creatively. I write those at the bottom of my calendar.

The side of my calendar is a list to refer to at a glance to help keep me organized and find my path when I feel lost.

Here’s November’s Schedulewaiting to be filled up!

Final thoughts.

The Editorial Calendar makes me nervous only because it makes me very accountable for my job as a writer. There is nothing I want and fear more. The good part is that it’s changeable. If this schedule doesn’t work for me or I have a major migraine, I don’t have to work that day! There is no one that’s going to fire me. I don’t have to call in or explain to anyone why I didn’t get anything done.

There is a freedom that I like about that but at the same time, the person I tend to let down the most is myself. Having an Editorial Calendar is a great way to hold yourself accountable to yourself and also to your readers. Being your own boss is a great gift but also a huge responsibility. Making yourself meet your own deadlines and climb your own ladder is harder when you are the only one pushing yourself. At least in my experience.

I am looking forward to using this tool and being flexible to change as I go but also holding myself responsible for following through.

I have enjoyed this Intro to blogging class in general. I’ve been blogging, writing stories, journaling, and writing poems on WordPress since 2017 and in many ways, I feel I was trying to drive before a road was built… or maybe having a car without wheels. This has been a great experience for me and helped me build my road, and put wheels on my ideas.



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