Writing Exercise: My Ideal Reader

Do you have a blog, a podcast, or a favorite author that excites you? Someone you religiously follow? When they produce content, do you get excited? Do you crave more? Even if you don’t know the creator personally you feel connected to them, you feel connected to the stories they tell, and the content they create.

I also have my favorites, the ones that inspire, encourage and give me chills down my spine. When I think about the reader I will be writing for, I want to do all those things for them. I have a vision in my head of the reader with their favorite hot drink, curled up in their favorite cozy spot, wrapped in their preferred throw blanket, with their most beloved pet snuggled in with them, as they get ready to escape the real world and drive into a world that I have created for them.

Cozy Reader

The way I feel for my front-runner favorites is a fire inside my chest! I can’t wait to see what they will do next, and what they will post or release next. I can’t get enough and as fast as they release it, I binge it!

When the ideal reader reads my haunted stories, I want them to look out their window days later and still be thinking about the stir my words left in their soul. I want them to crave more. I want them to carry around my books like an accessory but my book will be more useful and flashy than any designer bag or charm bracelet. Books that are marked with SK take you to other worlds, they make you believe in things you thought impossible and open your mind to new possibilities. Reading a page from my mind will make my reader part of something special, something different. It will send waves of joy and fear through your fingertips with each page, so much so that once they finish and close any book I wrote a sense of loss will fall upon them. Like saying goodbye to an old friend, anticipating the next time they will meet.

Below are a few books I read that have given me encouragement or I have enjoyed over the years, along with a few of my favorite creators.

Whimsical Libary
This was suggested to me by my counselor and I am so thankful it was. Life-changing book.
A great book full of short stories to scare you!
I loved these books growing up and they still are a favorite of mine.
I read a few of these haunted books while living in New Jersey and they are so full of good information and real-life scares!
This has been a classic for a lifetime.
Another classic favorite and always had a special meaning for me in my life.

I loved this book and the play even more!


There are just a few of my loves. Someday I hope to create the same kind of love they have for me for others. I am excited to get started.



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