The Newbie…

The last two weeks have been a lot. Like, so much that I haven’t been 100% what I got myself into! New things have happened… many, many new things.

My daughter started a new school and I wanted to be involved to keep an eye on her so I saw there was an opening for afterschool care. I thought that would be fine. I would still be able to take care of the house, bills, and my health and be part of her school. However, after the school looked over my resume I was over qualified. I told them I knew that, I just really wanted to be a part of the school.

Who knew I would end up teaching again! 🙃

This is a great school and the staff really loves on the students. Praise and worship are important. We do so much to encourage the kids to know that God is with them! That they never are doing life alone. We want them to find their identity in God, not in the world. We are all broken but deeply loved. It’s a big change from public school. But I have nothing against public school or those that teach there. I support them as well. Teaching is hard at any school, any level… if you are doing it right.

But let me say… I am beat and it’s only been 2 weeks. I’m exhausted. It’s so much more than teaching in the classroom from 8-4. It’s meetings and conferences. more education, training, parent meeting, gathering, and the list goes on. I still have my kids and their needs. it’s just all so much and just one of the reasons I didn’t want to do it.

It’s all for the greater good. We want to have strong, self-sufficient, humble adults that love God so we do everything we can to inspire and love them and their families. It can leave us empty and drained. We get paid very little and we buy all our own supplies for our classrooms.

Don’t get me wrong, I find so much joy where I work and see their smile every day. Them learning a new skill they have been working so hard on is everything to me… I love that! I have the most caring co-workers and parents. For all that I do feel beyond blessed. My daughter is thriving at this school and I get to work there! I am so grateful!

I am just also tired, and worn out and I very much need rest. I miss my friends and my family, and I just need it to slow down a bit. Hopefully, it will once this everyone gets used to things… including me. Maybe one day we won’t have hundreds of meets, conferences, training… and more. Maybe people will remember that we too have lives and families that need and we need them.

Grace and I on both of our first day of school. As student and Teacher.
Tristan and I, on his first day of school. Can’t believe he is a junior!



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