You’re Bad

If you keep reading my blog or anyone else’s and it upsets you, something is wrong with you. I’ve heard that our biggest fans are also our biggest haters.

The ones that flood our page the most, and want to know what we are up to all the time are the ones that dislike us the most. I will never understand this because if I dislike you, I dismiss you from my brain. I don’t think about you anymore.

Of course, it makes it harder when it’s a mutual person. Still, I don’t bother with anyone who is actively destructive in not only their own life but everyone else too. Yeah, no thanks.

Public Announcement Y’all:

Not everything you read is about you but if the shoe fits wear it. However, maybe you need to realize there are other people with lives beside you, going through hard things. You’re not the victim of circumstance or dealt a bad hand. You just make bad choices.

The End


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