The Shadow People

Photo courtesy of Shadow people- Psychonutwiki

Shadows People

I see you here, I see you there. I literally see you everywhere.

In my peripheral, shadows dash from my sight.

Nevertheless, I feel their presents overtake the atmosphere far before my eyes catch sight of their dark silhouette lingering in my doorway, and after the shadow has evaporated into smoke, escaping my vision; the air is charged with the residue of the shadow’s electricity. I know you haven’t got far away.

The Shadows are always watching. They are lurking just close, and just far enough, in every corner, observing every movement we make. Creeping in and out of your most private moments leaves you more vulnerable than you could ever imagine. Shadows, you guard my bedside and peer into my dreams uninvited.

Shadow you inhabit my hallways, stairways, and the corner of my eyes. You hover right above existence, touching our belonging, and floating methodically in and out of our realm. You curiously examine the warm-blooded that dwell in this home, as if this place belongs to you. Shadow you remain and hover over us as we move about.

You might think you go unnoticed shadow but I see you here, I see you there. I literally see you everywhere.


Really photo evidence: courtesy of Reddit/shadow people: r/creepy

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