The Story of Greta

I know an old lady known as Greta. She was insufficient in her thoughts and small in her goals. This was her hidden truth, not many knew this about Greta but all found out once it was too late. She was scanty with her life indeed. It was only in her pestiferous behaviors, in the lives of others did she make real efforts.

Oh, dear Greta, a double-dealer for sure. I warn you all to watch your back, your step, and every word that’s said. Such a tricky one, mastermind of attention, a professional victim she is. The Greta, such an engineer, a master of the hoax.

You’ll never see Greta coming before she conveniences you to be part of her fish story. If you don’t fall for the schemes and ploys you’ll soon become the bad guy in this made-up world that gets retold over and over again. A whirlwind of confusion she spins her webs of lies.

So keep an eye out for Greta, the master of deception, the governer of hypocrisy, the monarch of misleading all, and the propretor of trickery tactic inc. Get out while you can and don’t look back.

Don’t fall under the spell of her destress or you will be the one who will be depressed. You will be the one searching for a way out. But it might be too ate by then.

So how do you detect Greta? How do you escape? Well, it’s sad to say but there may not be an escape but detection can be done. It’s really quite easy. She is so helpless, so innocess as she plays. Nothing is ever her fault. You will notice relatively soon in your time with Greta that the world is after her and only her. She will blame others for all misfortune in her life and she’s been dealt a bad bad hand indeed. You’ll feel sorry for her… we all felt sorry for her. You’ll wonder how could all this be?

It’s a web of sickness. Tunnles and mazes of personalities, narcissistic behaviors that even Greta might might understand. The only person she truly loves is the mirror but she hates it just as much as she hates you.

What a lworld for Greta. What a sad loney world.

Don’t live in Greta’s world… get out.

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