I make the mistake of trying to give the old blog makeup and I hate it. I think I might hate WP. What happened? It’s so weird now!

I guess we just get used to things being a certain way and then when they change, we don’t like it. This is really hard and very true for a person like me who likes her routines. I find my solitude and safety in them. WP you were safe and peaceful for me but now that is gone. All mixed and stressful… why have done me like this!

I sincerely apologize to everyone’s eyes now. My page is gross and I am very unsatisfied with it! Looks like I will be messing with this for a while… For now please forgive the ugliness of it all. I know… I am ashamed. LOL… no really… ewe.


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    1. I appreciate that but I’m far from awesome! I can’t believe how much WP changed everything! I had no clue it was going to be this kind of brain damage to change things up! I just didn’t have the time I needed but I think in the future I will.


      1. It’s ridiculous really… what do you need with someone’s email and even IP address? Too personal for me.

        And yes ma’am. YOU. ARE. AWESOME.

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      2. I’m aggravated by WordPress myself. I don’t know why they want to expose email and even IP addresses. Way too personal in my opinion.

        Yes ma’am. You! Are awesome!

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      3. Agreed! The whole program has changed in a bad way. If I was new to WP I wouldn’t stay around. I would find a new platform but I’ve been here forever so I want to give it a chance to figure it out. Honestly this summer I am planning to get to know this platform better (all over again) because this place was good for my mental health and it de-stressed me… if it starts doing the opposite to me then I’ll have kiss it goodbye and I never thought I would say that.

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      4. I understand that. I want it be more than it is sometimes but other time I like the easy an outlet I get from it. However, the last month that I have tired to get involved I feel like WP left me behind and I have no clue what or how to nagiagte this place anymore. Maybe I am just broke and old… LOL

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