Be the thing you loved the most about people who are gone.


The two things in life you totally in control of is your attitude and your effort.


If it’s out of your hands, then it deserves freedom from your mind too.


The purpose of the life is not to be happy. it is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Don’t let your struggle be your identity.

In this life people will HATE you and people will LOVE you and nothing what they think, or feel will have anything to do with YOU.

Abraham Hicks-
Created my Gigi Buttercup
I’ve worked too hard for the life I have to give it a way now.
Boundaries and self-care are only half of the responsibilities we have to ourselves.
A close friend of mine would often tell me that some people will only see the Jesus they see in you. Remember this when you are met with evil, pain, lies, and hurt.

I may not come to people with everything worry and anxiety, but I do go to God with every worry and fear. I have faith He will light my way and protect me.

* Use arrows and read all the different cards.

A journaling prompt

Ways to serve other while bring peace to your soul

Was this post encouraging?

I hope this week you are encouraged. That you hold the line and your boundaries while using your blessing to bless others. Take heart. May you be protected and follow the the light in the darkness.


7 thoughts on “The Responsibility We Have

  1. It’s amazing how small a circle you have when you need a real helping hand. I understand we all have stuff going on and I definitely understand how hard things are. But really, it takes so little time or energy to just be there.

    Your girl is an awesome artist!

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    1. I appreciate that! I love being creative, but I lack confidence so when I write or try something new, I really have to do it for me knowing this is the person God’s made me to be and just leave it there. Let it grow or be still. God will decide what happens with it. Thanks for being my friend!

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      1. This goes with my observation.. everyone is a particular cup of coffee. Some people don’t like us. And then there’s people who enjoy us every now and then. Then there’s people who enjoy several cups a day lol! And so on 😂

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