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I thought it might be a good time, with all the new transitions going on to regroup and reconnect here on the blog.

I have always liked to keep my blog very generalized. Writing about my life, raising my kids, exploring with my family, all our moves around the U.S. I write about my emotions, processing my feelings and talking about mental health and other health needs. I like to write short stories and poems too. I’m a little all over the place and I like it like that.

Now that things have changes for me …

I like to write, and I use writing to process my feeling and thoughts to make sense of… everything. Writing has been a great for my mental health and I plan in continue my writing process probably forever, or as long as I am able.

However, I won’t be here as much as I was before. It makes me partly sad but not in terribly depressed over it. It’s good that life is changing and moving forward for me and my family. With my new job, I am finding myself busier than I was before, and unable to tap into WP the way I was before.

The last thing, I want is my place of peace and calm to become stressful and demanding. My goal is to write always when I need it but still get to my my blog no matter what, once a week or at least once every of week to keep that connection with all of you!

I started this blog for two important reasons

I wanted to write and share my thoughts and feeling, to process the swirling in my heart and head, just trying to figure it all. My personal way to self-care.

I like to be creative and explore my imagination, through writing. This side of me take words and brings them into existence, creating a new world that can only visit in dream.

Also, I want to stay connected to other blogs/bloggers as well! Reading and being inspired by all of you is so important! I love reading your post and your comments… when your comments come in.

This new Will be much the same but a little different. I may be here a little less, but my writing will be the same. How knows what that means to all of you? My series I am still writing on time to time, and I hope to share them at some point. I hope you all stay here and connect with me in the comments or email.

I know this means I may lose some followers and I hate that but when I started this blog, I didn’t start it make money or get a huge following. I started it to connect with people, be inspired and share my heart. I have every intension to do this still. So, as much as I will be the same me, it’ll just be a little less of me at times.

One thing I’ve learned is to give it all to God and trust the process

I’ve never really known what I am doing half the time with any area of my life. So, I pray it on it. This blog is no different. I go with the flow. I love having the community that I do here and the more the merrier, but I understand this place isn’t for everyone and I am totally find with that.

I hope to get more comments and be able to have more conversations with people over this next year, but I also hope everyone understands that life is changing, and I time is being spent differently. This blog is my favorite and I love it. I am not going anywhere!



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