Mental Health Reset


At some point I will be better, longer than this.

At some point I will be able to hold myself together…

better and longer…

I won’t fall apart at the words and struggle.

At some point your energy won’t steal mine.

At some point my armor will be stronger.

At some point the answers won’t be so hard to find.

Just maybe someday I’ll have less sad tears and more happy joyful ones.

Everything won’t be such a fight or an uphill battle.

At some point I will get something right.

I won’t be so picked a part, drained and stepped on or over.

Maybe there’ll be a day I might be consider.

Maybe someday, at some point?


8 thoughts on “Mental Health Reset

  1. It’s totally ok. You’re a mom and a wife. I understand your personality and it makes sense. Just let the process flow. You’ll get through this.

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