Transitions, Sister Time and Self-care

I’ve missed writing….

I am going through a pretty big transition right now. It’s a good one and I am thankful for it but it’s hard. This transition has made me more aware of how important it is for me to stay on top of things, but also how very important it is for me to take care of myself.

I recently started a new position that I’m really enjoying at my church. It’s a part- time job and possibly temporary, as we only have an interim Pastor currently and things might change when a new Pastor comes in. Which I am totally fine with. I am enjoying the time as I have it and just learning… God will handle the rest. I am doing admin/Bookkeeping and social media work for them. I am learning so much! It’s nice to do a job where I learn new things, while being able to do things that I already have skills in. I use Canva all the time in my blog, that I absolutely love, so being able to use it at work… being paid to use a program that I know, and love, is awesome! I feel very fortunate! Plus, bonus my job is fun!

However, it is a transition as much as I enjoy it… I am still trying to figure out how to manage my home and health needs while taking on new responsibilities. I have let somethings fall and I’ve been full of anxiety with my new role. I just don’t want to let anyone down. Not at home, not at work and not myself.

My counselor reminded me in our last meeting how important it is to take care of myself. I find that selfish at times, even though I know in my heart it is NOT! My head keeps reminding me of all the things that I need to get done. It all gets to me, and I feel that me taking time for myself is taking away time from others.

It was a necessary reminder that without my own self-care, I am actually hurting everyone… as well as myself. I can’t pour out on to the people that I love from an empty, drained and depleted place. Taking the time to restore, renew and rejuvenate my being is beneficial to everyone.

Not to mention, I have worked for so many years to get my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health to this place of well round peace and restoration. It’s been over 5 years and to be so close to killing these goals I have set for myself…. I can’t let up now! I can’t lose everything that I have worked so hard for. I can’t and I won’t lose myself in the process of building on somewhere else. I’m the foundation of any and all additions. If that starts to happen and I feel myself drafting… I need to stop and regroup and remember what’s the end game is. Remember what my priorities are and what’s important, so that I can get back on track.

Thank God for counselling, and Godly people in our lives that help light our way or just let us lean on them to cry occasionally. I also have the world’s greatest husband. He has been great at reassuring me in my times of doubt. We all need those people in our life that are truly here to help us, laugh and cry with us. People that really want to celebrate our growth and would be honest with us in our downtime, to move us forward. I am really blessed to have those people in my life.

Today I took a day to do some self-care and it was everything I needed! I had spent the day with my sister from Colorado yesterday. She came in for one day and it was great to have that time just walking around a visiting, drinking coffee and hanging out. I feel so fortunate that she came here, and we were able to enjoy some time together. It really relaxing and enjoyable to be together.

Today was peaceful and good for my soul too! I got a really good workout in! I needed it badly too! I still walk even though I am working now because really getting a good work out has been hard, so today that felt perfect! Then I took a LONG hot shower and exfoliated! I did a hair mask, a face mask and extra moisturized my whole-body, head to toe. I took my time and read a read blogs I hadn’t had time to read in a while. (sidenote: I have missing ya’ll a ton and will get caught back up soon) I listened to my one of my favorite Podcast Morbid – Today was about Phil Hartman… everybody knows him but not everyone knows his life. It’s pretty interesting. If you don’t know Phil Hartman… what the hell man!?! He is a genius and legend in the comedy world but that is just the tip of the iceberg to his talent. The name of the Podcast doesn’t do them justice… they should get a new name really.

Anywho… I also put of some Valentine decorations and posted a Scentsy just on my FB. My sales are down this month and I have no one to blame but me. I wasn’t working it like I had been the months before. Today and yesterday actually, I tried to work it a little. I

I went outside and enjoyed the sun and just sat from a little bit. I just sat there and did nothing but been in the sun and it felt great. Then I did a little laundry and cleaned my floors and got myself dressed and cleaned. By then it was time to pick up kids and start the second half of the day.

My other sister who lives in Fort Worth is coming down today with her daughter and we’re just going to have some downtime and relax. Maybe out to dinner tonight and we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Just take it easy and go with the flow. It’s something I need right now and am happy to have with my sisters. The easy of it… no stress.

Having this time was just what my soul needed:

Blessed to have this time with my family. My sisters and my sweet, awesome husband and my kids. I needed this time so much and am so very thankful to have this time with them. Truly, you guys are my favorite people. You all make me so happy.

xoxo Always-🤍



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