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Proud to be a Texans!

One Year Ago

It was just a year ago that I moved to this great state and bought 100% in! Who knew that every human and their entry family would be moving here too! I can’t say I blame them! Texas truly is the BEST!

Those of you who have read my blog already know that my hubby’s company has been moving my family around for a few years now. It has caused good and bad for me and my family, but I have to say moving here to Texas was like moving HOME! That place I’ve been looking for my whole life but didn’t know existed. Texas is the only place I have ever been that I felt like I really belong.

My whole life I have felt like a square trying to be a circle. I just have never fit in anywhere or with anyone. Every place we moved to; I hoped for the best and tried to make friends, be the mom other moms might want to talk to… that didn’t ever go over well. Everything I did, every place I went, job I held, the smallest or biggest task I would take on, it all seemed awkward and a struggle. I would wonder if it was only obvious to me or if everyone could see that I simply did not belong. Like that one broken colored pencil hanging out with all the nice brand-new markers. You can try to be a bold beautiful vibrant marker but really, you’re just a pale unsharpened dirty broken pencil. That was me…

I need to interject for my homies in North Dakota & Minnesota. As much I would never want to move back, the people are some of most genuine and caring people that I have ever met in my life. I made lifetime friendships there! I bailed my eyes out leaving them when it was time to go. I love them from the bottom of my heart! xoxo 🤍

Now that I am here in this place… this beautiful, amazing and God-fearing state, I don’t plan on EVER leaving. I seriously cannot believe it’s been a year already!

One year ago, we walked into our temporary housing, and the journey begun.

The kids we placed yet again into their new schools but this time we were met with kind and helpful faces. People guided us through the process and helped not just us through this but more importantly our kids!

I started the all-consuming task of finding us all doctors. This is always a headache every place we go! Transferring medical work and all the insurance information… I have repeated the process over and over again. It’s a nightmare and even thought it wasn’t the easiest thing that I have ever done; I did get it done with miner delay and issue. The best, most wonderful thing about this, I actually had a GOOD doctor at the end of all of it!

Having good doctors that works with me and has the same goals for my whole health has been life changing and I can say with 100% certainty, I would not be this encouraged and motivated if it wasn’t for finally having doctors that give a crap.

WE all have had test the show we are borderline not okay in one way or another and most docs won’t do anything about it. Because to them you could fix this yourself with diet and exercise, even if you already are doing those things. It doesn’t matter what is wrong it’s always about the “eat better … exercise more” They won’t help unless you meet whatever threshold, they have set in their heads and trust me, every place I have lived the threshold is different. Everywhere place I lived I was told that I had a THYRIOD DISEASE , but it wasn’t “bad enough” to do anything about… so they didn’t, and I continued to get worse and worse. Same with many, many other things, but we won’t get into that. All I will say is since my stuff has been being treated, my diet and exercise isn’t for nothing anymore and I am thriving!


My point is that one of my BIG BLESSINGS is just having my health back after years without and the doctors here truly helped to restore my health. I am so grateful for that! As you can see from the pictures above, I am different in many ways! If I can find a picture of myself from my time in New Jersey I will share next time. These amazing doctors haven’t just been so good to me, they’ve been good to my whole family. I know part of this is because we as individuals take really good care of ourselves as well, as I said it’s a team effort!

The friendships, the church family, the weather, the events, the things we have here at our fingertips is amazing and we are so blessed to be here.

It’s been a long… loooong, hard road to get to this point but the thing about hard, bumpy roads is they really make you love the good stuff even more. I am so much MORE grateful for my home after not having one. I am beyond in love and grateful for my husband after the pain and disconnect we have faced over these last 20 years…. It’s been a real bitch some days, but we made it to this moment and Lord knows I cry joyful tears of thanksgiving for it!

My kids have good schools, in a good state… not all the weird pronoun crap. They are proud to be Americans, be kids! To be loving and kind and good and strong isn’t a bad thing, it a GREAT thing! I am so happy for them and their futures!

I am also so happy that I have family close. My parents are a bit further and that sucks… maybe not for too long though. I have a whole Texas family here; I am getting to know on Jason’s side of family and of course we all have our quirks to figure out… Which has probably been harder for me than them. I guess I just don’t get people sometimes… but I think I explained that above…LOL!!

The BEST part is my sister is close by! We are only a few hours away from each other. We try to see each other just about monthly or every other. It’s been really good having her and her family close!

My son is completely at home and was born to be a Texans all the way! Cowboy hat, Cowboy boots, Ariat Jeans, Hooey backpack, YeeYee everything and of course George Strait always! It’s all about God and Texas to him.

Gigi is doing her dancing and loving it. Who knew that starting that at this time last year she’d already performed three times? I can’t believe it because this is her first-time working with a real studio. She also is doing choir and if it was up to her, she would be in more than one. This mama can’t manage more than one and honestly nether can she.

Both my beautiful children are doing great in school, grades up and friendship blooming. They only half drive me insane, so I think that’s a WIN! Actually, I have pretty good kids! I would trade’em.

Also, in one year news…

I am now not just working in the house doing my normal… EVERYTHING duties and still working for Scentsy click this link to head over to site to shop but I started a new position as an admin assistant and social media/ visual tech support. It’s been soooo much and there are some areas that I understand right away and I’m all there…. but then there’s areas I am only somewhat familiar. I have a lot to learn for sure.

It exciting and fun to learn new things. I am extra busy now and that is creating new challenges for me and for our family. When I spoke to my counselor today, she told me to remember my mental and physical health needs. Not to get sooo busy that all I have worked for to get here goes down the toilet. I have been good so far making time for these things. She’s a smart one and I guess that’s why I keep talking to her every week!

So that concludes our year ago today…

I am so thankful for this journey, and I look forward to 2022. God You are mighty, and I trust You.

Talk to y’all soon!!


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