Mind Your Business

What is wrong with people? Okay that’s a loaded question… with no answer!

I have read a few post with people having full fits! Totally conundrums! They seriously can’t figure things out once they spot a few people don’t have on a thin paper mask on their face. It’s like full panic takes over… brain malfunction! What? Are you serious? Is this a joke?

Worry about yourself people. Mind your business! Don’t you have things to do? For crying in the night! It’s a tiny paper mask… whether they wear it or not… their smelly, stink breath is still getting all over the place… hate tell ya.

Can you imagine someone came up to you, just minding your own business and told you to put on a heavy winter coat. It’s cold and you’ll get sick and get everyone else sick… so put it on! But you’re fine, you’re hot as a matter fact. You’re not the same person. You feel and ARE different but this other person is insisting for THEM to continue with THEIR life YOU must wear a winter coat! Um, no!

I know everywhere is different. Every place in this world is different and the media is blasting us all with different propaganda and it’s made everyone think for themselves less!! But please for the love of God have a little common sense.

Do we not remember anything from grade school? Is it healthy to breathe your own breath? No, it’s not. Will a paper mask keep all of your breath in… no it won’t… Was I the only one who went to grade school? This is sad.

Our bodies will fight bad germs and sickness and learn to protect itself but only if we let it. We need an immune system! Hello! That doesn’t mean everyone is strong enough to fight, I know. Not everyone is healthy, naturally, or does the best things for their bodies. From the beginning of time the weaker, older, sicker have had their struggles. It’s no different now. Obviously, this is a whole topic of big pharmaceutical but we won’t go there.

But that’s not my point. My point is this. If you feel better with a mask… 3 mask on your face, have it! I don’t care! I don’t think anyone cares! Live your life, or don’t. But leave everyone else alone. If you don’t want to wear a mask, I don’t care either! Do your thing!

I just wish people would live their life, go back to work, and want the best for one another! Stop being so stubborn and mean. It’s exhausting! Your jerky close minded behavior is breaking down peace and I’m sick of it.

The next fad T-shirt to be made should be “mind your business and go back to work!”


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