I have written several post about gratitude and being thankful. All these posts were at my counselors request, as a tool to keep me focused on positive things. I found this to be very helpful and improved my mood, along with inspired a deep sense of joy inside me!

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However, I haven’t been in the best mood the last few days. Yes, I am still thankful. I think that’s possible still to thankful and not happy 24/7! I’m still thankful for my home and my family, and of course for all my friends. I’m still very much thankful for my church, and a healthy body. I’m beyond thankful for so much in my life… and I’m discouraged too.

I find myself quite frustrated these days, along with being very much grateful! I think that’s normal though. The last thing that I want is to be so positive that I’m full of positive toxicity! Yes… it is a real thing. Have you ever been told at one time or another that you’re being negative, when in all reality you’re just stating facts? It is possible to be too positive. So much so that you are blissfully unaware of anything uncomfortable or dangerous around you.

Sure, you can find the silver lining in just about any situation you find you self in. For example, I currently am suffering from a pretty bad sinus infection. (These damn allergies 🤧) Hard to find any silver lining in that. However, it has made me more sympathetic to my son, who is currently going through treatment for his sinuses and ears with an ENT specialist. It’s also forced me to rest my body, and I needed the rest! And there is my silver lining friends! Being able to truly understand and sympathize to my son on a different level as he goes through his own sinus issues, along with some rest that my body is craving. There is an upside.

Having gratitude does make it easier to find that silver lining. Especially, when we reevaluate our lives daily. That doesn’t mean that we won’t ever be frustrated, angry or sad with/in our lives or the people in our life! After all we are humans, living with other humans and our humanity shows from time to time!


Psalm 37

I was reading the new subscription of Magnolia Journal, issue no. 21, and the whole theme is about delight. This made me think about my own ability to delight, and am I freaking delight… or not? Which I think, I am normally. What is delight? What does is mean and why am I so baffled by it?

Sure, I am very thankful for so many people, things, and for God Himself! My Blessing are endless! But do I delight in these blessings? Do I really sit and delight in any of the things or people that I have been blessed with? Do I allow myself a moment peace to be still with cherish any of this? Or have I made myself so busy that I’m missing it? I’m missing the delight in the very gifts that I have prayed for.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are busy times for most everyone, so I will cut myself some slack, we all can very easily get wrapped up in things. We still have to go to work, take care of our families and pay our bills. Life doesn’t stop or give us added time for the extra stuff. Then there’s the traumas, the pain, the emergencies that we have to tend to… it all makes us very busy and puts a lot of heavy weight on our hearts and minds. Like, we don’t have enough to deal with! Speaking for myself, I tend to think about the things I’m grateful for and how blessed I am, but have lost the delight in much of it…. If I ever had it at all. Which just makes me feel guilt and shame. That’s not good either!

So, as I’m very frustrated, and seriously disheartened currently at things in my own life, along with dealing with a sinus allergy thing that is a real pain in my head… I would like to try… try with everything I have to delight in the gifts that God has blessed me with. At one time these people, these things, and this health… is all I ever wanted. Now, I need to be still, find delight in it. Stop rushing around it all.

Maybe it’s the morning rush? The after school, dinner chaos? All the kid, church and friend activities that we get too involved in? Perhaps, I just need to acknowledge that we GET to be involved in any of this. There were times we couldn’t do any of things or be with the people we get now.

Running around crazy, being chaotic doesn’t sound like something anyone would delight in, but I want to try something different instead of mindlessly going through daily routines, I want to be more purposeful. Acknowledging that my life is a blessing, it is a delight. I want to delight in each moment that I have with each person who I interact with during my day. I wonder if anything will change with my interactions being more purposeful?

Maybe finding delight is as small as that first sip of coffee and as big Christmas morning? I don’t know? All I do know is that I want to I delight in the things that I am grateful for and not just say that I am grateful for them and keep moving forward. Blessings can go away as fast as they come.

Courtesy of Pinterest
From the Magnolia Journal issue No. 21, I would have such delight at Christmas time as a child, even when things we tough. I remember making hundreds upon hundreds of cut of snowflakes. Each one different from the last. Tiny little pieces of white paper all over floor for days, even the vacuum could handle it! I would attach a paperclip and string to each one to hang from the ceiling, all at different lengths. This is one of my favorite memories. Everyone got along, played games, enjoyed the time together in this short time. I think… I truly delighted preparing for Christmas, doing these small tasks as a child. Such as, making snowflakes, baking cookies and writing my letter to Santa Clause. It was simple but so special.

Here is my past post on Gratitude if you want to check them out:



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