The Great Ripple Effect

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Does it seem like anyone around you is angry, frustrated, or in a really bad mood? Do you find that after being around them it puts you in bad mood too?

Being in empath, I feel people’s emotions strongly! I have to be very strict with my boundaries and limits. Creating an uplifting, peaceful environment for myself and my family as much as possible! The environments that the we work and live in is without doubt are significant for anyone to be able to thrive properly.

Along with having quality, supportive people surrounding me, that understand me and the way that I am with my mental health, is important! These people encourage us and support us, celebrate us and with, but also are honest with us in a loving way. They always have our back in both the good and bad times. They make time for us no matter what and we do, and we do the same for them! It’s a two-way street! These are the types of people that I like to have in my circle! I am truly thankful to say I have a good handful of them!

My wise husband told me a story after I read him a devotion about angry, I am doing with my daughter and I am going share that story with you now. I hope y’all think about this when you interact with others.

The Cup

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We all have a cup.

It’s filled with whatever we are.

It can be filled with hate or fear.

It can be filled with angry or contempt, or even rage.

It can can be filled with love or joy.

It can be filled with care and kindness.

Your cup is whatever you in are.

As you move through your day you dump and spill into others.

You splash a little of your cup on your children, your spouse, and neighbors.

You drip all more on your co-workers, your friends, and the person at the coffee shop.

Wherever you go through the day, you slash your cup on the people you know and that you don’t know.

Are you spiling something that inspiring, encourages and shows mindfulness for this other person?

Or are you tearing apart, destroying, and crimpling the fabric of this person and the relationships you have?

What’s in you cup?

I thought this was really powerful, especially in this moment right now. We can still be strong and convicted in our values and morals without being mean, or hateful… without being angry asshole. The last thing we want to do is rip apart our whole families, our own committees and lives… that doesn’t even make sense, does it?

It you can be help, you should try. It can’t then pray and be silence. That’s not to say talking isn’t helpful… sometime it’s all the help we need.

Here’s the devotion I am doing right and it’s a great one!

I hope this encourages you and you take a moment to day and pray!

Be safe out there!!


4 thoughts on “The Great Ripple Effect

  1. I used to be so easily effected by other people’s emotions, but I have become more resilient and have learnt to keep my cool, keep my calm, even when others are boiling over. Jack’s mind is so wired to see the humorous side of situations – he really helps me to stay chilled.

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    1. It does help to have a partner that’s good with people… or “weird, uncomfortable” situations to help us deal with them. My husband is a people person and in conflict management so it comes natural for him… not for me. I have to be very aware of my space and the people in it. I’m glad you have someone to guide you along, that’s a real benefit!

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  2. As an artist, I love the photo of the drop of water and the ripples – something I’d love to paint. As an empath, I totally get what you mean about boundaries – it can be exhausting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. I wish I could take credit for the photo but I got from Google/ pixel. However, I do enjoy photography and painting! I drawing to relieve stress. Boundaries can be harder with some people more than others but are necessary with everyone including ourselves! ❤️‍🩹

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