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Gratitude brings JOY

Be thankful! Here’s some more ideas for your own Gratitude journal!
Be a master of gratitude! 🤍
Give thanks!

Have y’all been doing your homework? Have you commented to share what you’re most thankful for? Have you asked your friends and family, what they’re thankful for? What, who, or even, how are you blessed this holiday season? Have you been able to blessed someone else? What are you looking forward to this Thanksgiving Day? Let me know and connect with those around you! 🤍

Let’s keep this grateful train moving…🚎

My favorite part about nature- The sky! I love the trees too but the sky is beautiful. It’s the air, the sun, the clouds, the colors, it’s everything. The way breeze feels on my skin. The way I feel with each breath I take, the air filling my lungs. The color of the sky as the sun raises and sets, how it filters through the clouds. It’s all so beautiful to me. It’s a God thing for sure.

Something that made me laugh today- I thought it was pretty funny to watch my dad’s huge German Shepherd protect his toys from my tiny little pug terrier pup. He took his ball away from her… Which she only walked by; she didn’t even want it! Then he hides the toy in his room and pouted like a big baby. It’s also funny because people think German Shepheard’s are scary dogs but he’s a baby. He’s only scary when we tell him to be. Another funny thing, I am grateful for is anytime that I get together with my sister Melissa and her husband, Josh… we also laugh…hard! We’re just really funny people! Maybe we only think we’re funny but honestly, I think we’re very amusing! I’m very grateful for our time together! They say laughter is the best medicine and I always feel better after a good laugh!

My favorite area in my home- I love my whole house. It’s beautiful but I think my favorite place, the place I am most grateful for is my bedroom. I am surprised to say this in a way, because I wish I had a better place outside to sit and write. Normal being outside to write is my thing, or having a cozy office, fill of candles. But it just happened that I have a very comfortable chair in my room, nice decor, and the lighting is perfect for day or night. I can get really cozy in there to sleep, work, or just relax and be creative if I need! But I can’t work in there at night so I need a better work area for anytime, day or night. Either way, I am very thankful for my bedroom and the peace I get there.

A book I love to read- I have a so many books that really enjoyed reading! I am a dork and read all the Harry Potter books. I enjoy fantasy type books. I’ve The Loin Witch and Wardrobe and I like that. I read Wicked and Wicked Son of Witch… Weird book but still good. I’ve seen the play Wicked as well, about 4 times and it’s awesome! To Kill a Mockingbird, Pigman, Little Women, The Great Gatsby… of course… I think I need to re-read a few of these. I read the Twilight Series and Hunger game as well… I know, I know but they were really good too! I can’t forget The Help, The Time Travelers Wife, The Princess Bride (THE BEST), The Notebook, and The Host! All great! I don’t know which book is my favorite. I have read so many different ones, I don’t think that I could pick just one. I am very grateful books! Real books, with a cover, a back, and binding, real pages! I am thankful for the smell, how it feels, the weight of a real book in my hands! The movie that it creates in my heads. It’s like living a million lives. Going on an adventure from the safety of your living room. Books create feelings the change everything in our soul. They’re moving and inspire me.

There’s nothing like a cozy spot, a hot cup coffee in your favorite mug and a good book!

A freedom I am thankful for- The right to choose. I breath fresh air, I go where I want, when I want. I live in the great country, in the great state in American, and have the freedom to worship the one true God. Thank you, God, for the greatest blessing! The Men and Women who fight to protect us.

Happy Thanksgiving!🦃

May you all enjoy a very happy Thanksgiving, with people who you love, and care for. May we find a little bit of joy, happy and most of all… above everything some gratitude for this day, this life and these people we share our day with. Time is most precious. I pray you use your time making the best memories, spreading love, cheer, hope and joy. Laugh today, share today and be thankful.



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