Grateful I am

The silver lining 🤍

I’m really excited to know if any of you have given any thought to what you’re thankful for? What makes you grateful?

I want to add this question with Thanksgiving meals being planned and at this pointed, already prepared! What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? What parts to do look forward to the most?

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Making the choice to be thankful

As someone of you may know I’m doing a week of Gratitude. I’m really doing what I can to turn this frown around… or upside down. However, it goes? Truly, this whole thing was at my counselor’s request. She thought this would be a good tool for me and so far, it’s worked! I’ve done gratitude journaling in the past and I always enjoy it. Sometimes I blog but other times I write in a journal.

Now on to more of what makes me grateful, but please don’t forget to comment or email! Join the conversation and start the spark that inspires others! What makes your heart happy?

Grateful I am

Something I love about a family member* I love that my husband’s main focus is to take care of me and find ways to make me happy. I’m very grateful for this because that’s my main focus too. We are givers when it comes to each other and I am very thankful for this! I love this about us and him. He is such a hard worker! He also goes far beyond the call of duty to help out anyone, even if he’s exhausted or hurting. He wants others to be happy, feel loved and supported too. He’s a good friend and neighbor. He is our protector and loves the kids and I well! I feel very grateful for these things!

I could go on about how much I love my son’s wise words and my daughter’s fearlessness, but I think from my past post I wrote about how every grateful I am for them! I truly am!

Jason and I

A complement that made me feel good* I received a ton of complements after writing a piece for my Grandads funeral. Everyone is usually nice after you lose someone but people really came out to let me know how beautiful my writing was even after time had passed. I thought that was very sweet. I might post it later on but not yet…

The best gift I’ve ever received* This is a hard one. 🤨 I think my computer is one of the best gifts, just because I was able to really start writing more. I take this thing with me everywhere I go! Also, I super enjoyed my birthday/ Mother’s Day this last year, which was to go to the Miranda Lambert at White Water Amphitheater, in New Braunfels TX. That was an amazing time!

A challenge I am grateful for* My health has been a major challenge but because I had to work so hard and have been through so much pain, and dealt with so many worthless doctors over many years, to get to this wonderful place; where I have great doctors, supports, and now have results! It’s made me really appreciate my health and I don’t want to take it for granted. I won’t take my mobility for granted. It’s been too hard, too painful of a road to ever go backwards. I know people might see me now and think that I am too thin, or not eating enough… But really, I am very healthy and I eat to live, not live to eat.

The best gift I’ve ever received* I was given a key like necklace when I turned 21 years old. The key is partly a key and partly the number 21. I never take it off. It was given to me by my parents to reminds me that I hold the key to my hopes, dreams and future. It’s a special and important thing to me. I’ve been given a few necklaces over the years but I never take this one off… ever.

My priceless and most favorite gift that I’ve been given!
What an important lesson!
Thanks 💗

I hope to hear from y’all in the comments! What are you grateful for? What part of the Thanksgiving holiday are you looking forward too? If you want to check out my past post form this week, here they are!

What are you Grateful for?

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Hope y’all are being inspired to think of at least one good thing in your life every day! I want to hear from you! Here’s a challenge! Ask someone near you what brings them joy! What they are grateful for today! Let’s change the negative that fills this place we all share and start paying attention to our blessings! There are everywhere! God is good y’all!


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