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Adding a few more things that I’m thankful for….

Gratitude that brings Happiness

I’m thankful for my favorite season- Autumn 🍂

The colors of autumn. Like stained glass, sunlight pouring through lighting the bright colors of the world around us. Letting us all know Fall is here. The cooler weather, the crisp mornings, altering our senses to this cozy time of year. Reminding us of tradition, of peace, family and the memories we make- doing the things that really matter. Spending time with the people who love us through the year, good, bad and ugly… We are reminder to be grateful, so thankful for the small things. Hot coffee in morning, the warmth of the sun on our skin, The chill of the frosty mornings, the laughter of our children, a stroll through the fall leaves, a stary night, a kiss from our loved one, a good read from an old book in our hands. I love the fall season and all it represents to me. What does it mean to you?

I’m so grateful for…

My favorite part of favorite of the evening– I actually need to think about this one because I actually like mornings more. I’m shocking myself saying this because nighttime brings good time too. It is weird for me to have any love for mornings because for me getting up early is the worst thing… ever! However, I look forward to my sweet cup of hot coffee every single morning and it is the ONLY reason that I get up and out of bed!! So, I guess I would like evenings more if I had coffee to look forward to…I mean, I’m an adult… I can add coffee to my evenings if I want to… right? When it comes to being thankful for the evenings, somethings that come to mind are; one after all long busy day it’s so nice to know that everyone is home together, safe. This peace of mind is everything. The second thing, I think is good about evenings or maybe I should say, interesting is that my brain only starts working at night or in the evenings. As a writer all my best ideas and creativity comes when I should be whining down or asleep. UGH! True story!

My guilty pleasure– I gave this one away in the one above answer. Obliviously, I have a major love for coffee. Coffee, iced or hot is a guilty pleasure of mine and it makes me very… very happy! Coffee can easily turn my bad day into good day… or less annoy day. I hate to admit it, I even love to get the new holiday Starbucks cups! I look forward to it. I know it’s dumb and annoying, but it’s festy and cheery! I like a holiday mugs and the limited time creamers and coffees! I want to try it all! I’ve been super happy to see that now there’s almond and coconut, non-dairy choices! This is a guilty pleasure for sure!

Coffee with my girl

One good thing that happened today– This one is easy! I had a two job interviews today! I am not taking either job but the interviews were great connections to other protentional jobs and other opportunities, so that was promising. I’m not in a hurry to get a job outside the house. I plan on taking my time with this whole process. I was just surprised how fast I was offered and pursued for a position! Also, my family did a little Christmas shopping with the family. It was busy and my kids just followed me everywhere (like right on my heels) but it was nice to go in the stores and look around at all the Holiday stuff, listen to Christmas music and drink our holiday drinks! At lunch I had a Cinnamon Whiskey Hot Toddy and it was really good! Just being able to freely shopping and walking in the world enjoying Christmas with my family is a blessing… one that many people are taking for granted.

Holiday Whiskey Punch and a Cinnamon Whiskey Hot Toddy

How I show gratitude to my friends– I try to be there for them to talk, to celebrate, to vent, for whatever they need, and I share my life as well. Friendships need to go both ways to really be strong. I pray for my friends and together with them. Sometimes just a text to say “Hi, I’m thinking of you!” I’m truly grateful for my friendships because over the years my friendships have been my only family in some cases.

Something positive about my body– I am flexible and strong. I’m the healthiest I’ve been since I was a teenager! I’ve said (wrote) this so many times before, but it’s been a long road for me medically! I am so proud of myself! Weight off my body, building muscle and no more fat on this body! I am mobile! I love how flexible that I am now! All my hard work and dictation has really paid off. All the roadblocks that I’ve hit… I never gave up! I’m strong and I am so thankful for a body that is flexible and mobile! I love the whole dang thing!

xoxo 💛

More gratitude to come! I hope to hear for you and that’ll you might check out my past post! What are you grateful for? What brings you joy?

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