Grateful Week

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Hello everyone! Today I feel a mix of emotions…

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For today’s Grateful spotlight I am very grateful for a few things that I want to share but before I hit up this list above! First thing, I am thankful for all of you! I just woke up this morning and wanted to write! I did my Bible devotional, which I’m also very thankful for and couldn’t wait to connect with everyone here, then write! SO… I am very thankful for this blog and my small following here! I hope this encourages you to connect in the comments about what you are grateful for! I’d love hear! You’re all awesome and I am very thankful for all of you!

Okay and now on to the gratitude list!

Gratitude week

The Biggest Gift In My life Right Now– I would have to say it’s a mix of a few things. I’m like a pizza. It takes a few good ingredients to make a good pizza and that’s me! It’s an awesome relationship with my husband. The amazing relationship we’ve developed with our friends, old and new, it’s my church family, and neighborhood friendships! All have been so important! It’s my beautiful kids and the way they’ve changed my life in the best way! It’s my sisters and how close we have become, it’s the love and respect we have for each other, and how much I adore my niece(s)and nephew. It’s my home and the pride that I have living in the best state in the world! It’s my health… 81 pounds lost (as of 3 weeks ago) and being the healthiest that I’ve been in years! Strong and healthy! I’m so thankful for my counselor and life coach, it’s the lessons and teaching, the processing that I get from her. It’s the sunshine and fresh air that I breathe every day! It’s God and His present in my life, guiding my every step! It’s my new Texas family and the love from my Colorado family. It’s all this that I am so thankful for in my life!

A Future Event I Am Excited For- I am excited for Thanksgiving here in TN, celebrating with my parents. It’s so special watching my kids play checkers with my dad and ride around on the mower, play with the dogs and just relax watching movies and drinking coffee, and cocoa for a bit. But I am truly EXCITED for Christmas! I haven’t had Christmas in my own house in years! Being able to decorate, put up our Christmas tree and do all our favorite Christmas traditions, is a big deal! We are so happy to Celebrate Christmas in OUR HOME this year! I feel blessed to not be traveling across the country, moving again!

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Something Beautiful I Saw– I have seen so much beauty while just driving here! This country is beautiful, the people that live here need some work but this place is amazing!

Courtesy of my daughter Gigi
Taking a walking break from all the driving!
One of the rest stops/ My sassy pants daughter G.
Courtesy of my daughter G
On the road, headed to TN from TX.

Until next time!

I think this is good for now… Maybe later if I have time I might share some more. I am very thankful for this blog, the community, my friendships and my relationship with God. Without I’d be totally lost.

See y’all next time!



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