Down The Drain

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Sometimes I wish I could shut it all off.

I wish I could rinse all the conversations and words away.

I want to rinse the embarrassing behavior that

I’ve seen and make it disappear.

Like a dirty bathroom sink, down the drain it goes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to say the truth to you?

To each other… No assuming, no accusing.

No interrupting, no rude comments?

Just listening, understanding. to be able hear me out?

Communication that goes both ways,

Where no one is right

No one is wrong…

We just hear each other and listen?

What a concept, I know…

I wish I could be honest with you.

I wish I could tell you all the things the swirl in my brain…

but I can’t… so I won’t.

So for now it’ll just stay a painful wish.

A wish that I could risen all these words down the drain…

But then again what differences would they make anyway?


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