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I thought it was about time to get my fingers back on this keyboard. And oh, how I’ve missed it! It would be so nice if I could do this every single day! One could wish…

Normally, when I have breaks from blogging, I don’t have that good of a reason for them. It’s usually kid schedules and working stuff, but sometimes I’m not feeling great in general and it just gets in the way of writing. But, this time I do have a good… or I should say “real” reason. It’s because life went from a snail pace to a full on manic race! I can hardly catch my breath! I’m doing my best to keep up but it’s moving fast and it’s a new adjustment.

That’s not the only reason…

The other reason that I’ve had trouble posting anything worth a damn is because after my last mental health and faith merge, post #3… it took a lot out of me emotionally. I needed a little break from thinking that deeply, after being so vulnerable with everyone. It was a long post for me, but also a very personal, deep and meaningful one as well. That blog post A Moment In Time That Changed Everything, is linked below if you haven’t read it and you want to check it out.

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Please take a moment and read with an open and gentle heart and mind.

I was still messing around on my blog as you may have seen for the past week or so and was able to post a few things. I even did a little podcast thing! I just wanted to stay in contact with anyone but didn’t have it me to fully write. Plus, sometimes just creating and exploring creatively eases my anxiety. And oh Lord, did I have anxiety this last week! YES! I did!

One of things I was able to post was a qiuck update on the things that were about to get crazy for me and my family. I’ll link that post here you anyone wants to check it out:

Last weeks update post

The past week was full and crazy for sure but we managed it. I am so grateful I had Jason by my side through it all. He was such a huge help. We really had to come together to get everyone where they needed to be.

Some highlights for me was taking G to her dance class! She did so good! She was with much older kids now, up to 18 years old. I know that makes her feel a little intimidated. However, I think it’ll be good for her and she will learn so much from these kids that have been in dance longer than her. I’m excited to see how the rest the season goes for her.

That same night that G had dance class was Tristan’s Open House at the High School. Thank goodness that there were near each other! I missed part of the Open House but lucky Jason was able to be there with Tristan for all of it. It was just one of those times that Jason and I had to divide and conquer. I was just so beyond grateful Jason was there and WILLING to do it! We had so much running around that day we’re lucky we made it anything at all. But It was awesome to see Jason stand on his own with Tristan and I wasn’t there guiding him around. I loved it.

I think this week is a bit more calm for me but not much for Jason. This week seem more stressed and crazy for for him. I’ll have to pick up the slack for him.


Tristan is also in MCJROTC. I’m super proud of him. It’s a great program and builds strong, bright, leaders, that know how to be independent thinkers. Tristan has improved so much in such a short period of time. He has been building his confidence and leadership skills. Learning to advocate for himself and to help others as well. I’m just beyond grateful for the program and the hard work that everyone does to keep it going!

Tristan has a few things coming up! One is the The 2021 Semper Fi-Ve K. It’s the main way the MCJROTC pays for their program. If anyone is interested in helping, supporting future leaders and likes to run, I’ll post the links here.

2021 Semper Fi-Ve K All Support is greatly appreciated.

I hope y’all can chip in and donation or even better yet participate! Your support is so very appreciated!

So no that it matter but after a long and nutty week one ting I was able to do for myself was get my hair done! It was nice and relaxing, and just what my melted brain needed! I actually was able to get a ton of stuff done that day.

Thanks to my wonderful husband! Jason, who was a huge help to me! He is the best ever! I put my massive grocery-curbside pick-up order in, got my nails done, and picked up my Rx. It was a busy day but a good day. I didn’t eat a single bit of food all day, although I did have the best reduced sugar chia tea latte ever and that was just enough! I was happy!

That night my family met up with Jason’s family for dinner, which was really nice. I have so enjoyed getting to know them over the last several months. I do see a lot of my own family in them in so many ways. It’s like a movie I’ve already seen… I known how it ends., but they don’t. That can be good or bad, I guess. But they are really good people, I think.

I have recruited Jason’s Uncle Bill to take Tristan shooting since Tristan’s trying for the Marksmanship Team. He graciously took Tristan this last Sunday to the shooting range. The crazy part (and quite funny I thought) was I just asked for Bill to take Tristan, but it was like jealous babies all wanting attention once I brought it up. I honestly thought poor Bill would have to take the whole family. Like Daddy taking the kiddies on a field trip. I see a lot of “me me me” people in Jason’s family… But like I said, I’ve seen this movie before in my own family. Jason did ended up going shooting too, which I guess worked out. The guys got to do some bonding and I’m really glad it that they did! I am so very very thankful Bill took Tristan and made time for him. It means so much to me and to Tristan. He had the best time.

Something New To Look Out For

After much though, pray and partition… counseling. I have decided that my mental health/ faith merge journey post#4 was natural only going one place… it had to be a Collab with my favorite writer/blogger and friend. As I wrote in A Moment In Time That Changed Everything, which I will link again here:

Read here

I shared with you a bit about how Jon and I started our communication and how he slowly brought me closer to God and healed that relationship. He convinced me that I was worth the professional help I did eventually get. However, I never knew his side of things. What made Jon seek me out or check on me the way he did. I definitely didn’t and don’t have a ton of followers. I’m not a great or prolific writer. So I never knew what it was that nudge him to check on me just at the right moments in my most traumatic times… but there he was with a gentle but stern nudge. What was it that caused our paths to cross and my life to be saved? This next post that I am work on with Jon is a combination of emails we have exchanged and how the power of the Holy Spirit guided him and cross a very vulnerable and weak girls path… with a fellow blogger who loved Christ and save her from herself. I’m excited to share but it will be emotional and trying to write and put together. I am hopping to have it posted next week sometime.

**Currently my dear friend is on a mental break for himself. So I am asking that we all might pray for him. That whatever it is that is burdening and prepressing on him would release it’s grip. That he would feel light and joyful once again.

My writer friend considers himself to be something of a lone wolf but he does have a pack whether he believes it or not. A pack of strong prayer warriors, like minded people, faithful and proud, hard working and believe in Jesus Christ. We are all here praying for ya buddy. We are your pack.


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