One Of Those Weeks| Life Update

Trying to find some peace in the beautiful chaos that is life
My pooch and I binge watching Discovery+ Just taking sometime to unwind

Where to began…

I’ve been feeling so happy and joyful, but at the same time… very overwhelmed and overbooked… I could cry and have cried… alone and privately. The ups and down are too much!

Both my kids were sick/ had very bad allergies last week. We all took covid test and everyone is fine. Thank goodness! However, because my oldest had a friend test positive. I have to take him to get another test from CVS on Monday… which was supposed to be today (Saturday) but his name was printed wrong and so… I guess that could be considered fraud. So the appointment was canceled.

Coming Up

Monday just happens to be a day that is already beyond booked with too many things! I had to called my Neurologist to cancel my appointment, so I can get my kid his covid test… even though he is most likely fine.

Monday is also my daughters first day back at dance for this season The dance company changed the times so it’ll be a late night. But we are excited to have her back in dance and she is beyond thrilled to start up again. She did do a summer program for June but we wanted her to take July off to rest up and do other things. It’ll be good for her to get back at it!

We also have our pest control people coming Monday during day. You know… they give you a time range… 10am-4pm… super inconvenient! But we NEED them to get here, because they missed the last appointment and the time before that they did a horrible job and didn’t do anything they should have. The bugs here are bad, so I kind of need them to NOT SUCK! Especially, with how much we pay them.

There is so much now going on Monday that I need Jason to be home to help manage the house and all the overbooking. I try to do as much as I can on my own so Jason can just focus on his job, but I’m only one person. I’m spread too thin.

Tuesday isn’t much better…

I have a meeting online that I have to attended. My daughter has doctor appointment for a well visit, so I have to pull her out of school and then bring her back. Then that evening she has Honors Choirs at the High School. Her weeks are busy but this week is extra busy.

During all this I have to keep my son up on his school work… I wish he could just be at school but we do what we have to right now. Just doing what the school tells us to do. Doing school like this way is hard for him.

Wednesday I hope to get my area rug back because my living room is cold and uncomfortable right now… I know, I know… there’s worse things and I’m being a baby. I just want to cozy up my home with fall decorations! I can’t really until I get my rug back.

Plus, my rug’s been gone for almost a full month! I want it back! My living room hasn’t been fully together due to waiting on this rug getting cleaned! My pictures, décor, and end tables are not where they should be… it’s just all a messy. It’ll be nice to put it all back together and make it nice and cozy again.

I have a doctors appointment Wednesday, which I really need badly! I have had an UTI (TMI… sorry) for over 3 weeks! I was given antibiotics about 1 week into my UTI. After I finished my meds, I still felt like something wasn’t right. I emailed my doctor and… I guess because she’s was out of town, I have to wait until she gets back in town to go to the doctor? I don’t believe my doctor wanted me to wait… I think the office Nazi just thinks she knows better and does what she wants.

So for almost a month I have had this infection, which is hurting my right lower side. Then the pain moved to my lower back and then to my left side and more pain in back. Now I not only have pain roaming the lower half of my body but now I have terrible spasms in my bladder. The only thing that helps is a heating pad… but I can’t get much done with a heating pad…. ya know… there. So I can only really use it at night, when I’m trying to get to sleep. It’s pretty frustrating.

Thursday I have my counseling and Life Coaching appointment…thank goodness, but I know that I won’t met the goals we have set. Every appointment I have an action plan and this week my plan was ..

  1. To schedule time to be still, be flexible with my expectation what stillness might look like for me… write down/ record experience after.
  2. Set expectations for those around me and MY time… make boundaries.
  3. Have a conversation with Jason about comments that effect me- aim to connect with him.

Seems like whenever I have a second to myself I have to give that time away to someone. Or other things get set aside and I feel bad about that… which is on me. I have had a lot of company and so connecting with myself or with Jason has been hard. We’ve argued more over the dumbest things because we’ve been stressed, tired and just busy.

I am looking forward to Friday and I hope to have a “self care” day. I get my hair colored that day! I think I might get my workout in early and see if Jason can take Tristan to school (if Tristan is back at school yet) and then I can get a good yoga workout in too. I’ll have time to get cleaned up and get a chia tea before my appointment. Then I’ll be done with my hair appointment in time to get grab a snack and maybe walk near the river, through the park, or write a bit… maybe play with my new podcast thing before I have to pick up G from school. I’d be okay with that.

But honestly… I’ll need to pick up our groceries for the week and get home, I’m sure! HA! Still it sounded nice!

Stress Relief

The things I like to do to relieve my stress at the moment is to workout, write, go for a walk, read, listen to a podcast or sleep. But since I can’t hardly sit down without someone needing me for something, my list has gotten much shorter.

I pretty much need to leave the house or be asleep to get a break or just get a breather right now. So working out and sleeping are my only options but sleeping, as much as I LOVE it, I can only do after my kids are sleep, and the house stuff is all done. Which leaves working out.

I had a great week of work outs this last week and I even had good work out over this weekend. My weekend workouts are normally are super lite but I went are sweaty. It just clears my head and makes me feel so much better all around.

I’m truly so thankful I can move my body now without pain of movement now! It’s the most amazing blessing, one that I thought I would never see in my life again! I can do the things I enjoyed when I younger, that made me feel better, calm and whole again… when I’m feeling like life is pulling me apart, and my pieces are scattered and at odds…. a good workout pulls me back together.

I am so thankful to have a healed body. Healed feet and can walk and move my body with ease. Yoga and my home gym keep my body and fit and I’m really proud of how far I’ve came. I still have a a long road a hard of me but it’s not near as far as it once was.


Doing Nothing And Thankful For It

Because this upcoming week and actually the week after that as well….are both very busy… and if I’m being totally honest… I have scheduled it to be that way all year I need this weekend to be totally relaxed. I’m thankful for the hustle in many ways and so gratefully to be able to be involved in my children’s lives and activities to fullest, even if it means that we’re super busy. I love that we have such a great community and the kids are in wonderful schools, that they have chosen to be so involved in and part of. It all makes me busy. I love it. I just get stressed and tired sometimes.

I’m so incredibly thankful to be able to actually go to a doctor, a real appointment, and go inside a store to shop, visit my friends- face to face. Yes, it makes me busier and at times that can be stressful but the option to not have that is terrible. I don’t want that at all. I’d choose this busy way over and over every time.

So to prepare for the very… very busy week that really kicks off the busyness of the school year for us all, I wanted to do NOTHING this weekend. Sure, I still got my workout in, and I was able to write this post here now… but that’s because I had to tell my family that we weren’t going anywhere, no one was coming here! We were NOT having a single plan. PERIOD! I need a break from entertaining, cooking, providing for everyone and I wanted my family to rest as well. We’re just always moving so fast and they needed a break from the go-go going just as much I did.

Both kids weren’t feeling the best last week, so I was being a nurse maid as well… Did I forget that part? No, I don’t think I did. That means, my sleep was off and our house was off… but we’re all okay.

I’m very thankful for my weekend of sitting and watching way too much of Discovery+ and a little bit of YouTube. I’ve been able to cuddle with my dogs and my daughter on the my favorite cough. It’s been a nice break. My son and I took a long walk this morning, about 40 minutes with the dogs. It was really good to just stroll and talk.

This post has taken me two days to write because I’ve been stayed casual about getting it done and it’s been nice too. I even played around a little with creating a podcast with two of my blog post and it was fun. I liked it! Who knows if it will turn in to anything or it I’ll do real one. I’d like to but we’ll see what happens. Either way it was a nice weekend to rest, relax and recover. A time to be still and just let our minds and body heal up and prepare for the week to come.

I think we are ready. We’re thankful and grateful. I know I am.

I have a joyful spirit even when it wares me down. I’m so grateful for my family, my awesome husband, even when they are incredible needy and I feel like I have nothing left to give them. They are my fuel, my great success, and biggest love. I’m proud of my accomplishment this far and the strength my body has now. It’s a beautiful and amazing thing, where I am now and to be able to do the things that I can do. As of this morning I’ve lost 67.4 pounds! I still have some weight to lose and some muscle to gain but there are so so many more amazing blessings and accomplishments that have nothing to do this a number… that is more than I could have asked for. God is good.

My son on our walk with one of our doggies!
Me annoying my daughter, cuddling on the cough with my puppy and binge watching Discovery+
Saturday evening my daughter took this photo while we’re relaxing in the backyard. Here in Texas it’s starting to cool off.
Playing with the podcast ideas… totally not sure what I’m doing.
My new logo for the podcast that I created. I guess I did do it… kind of.


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