Lost Calling

Where Do I Go From Here?

All in a days work…

When you were a little kids you probably had dreams or hopes of being a Police Officers, an Astronaut, Teacher, The President, a lawyer.

Perhaps, something that would never happen, like becoming a Disney princess or a cowboys from an old Western? Maybe something off the wall, like a Lion or dragon? Really any character from a movie or book?

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Did you want to make music, dance, sing, paint, draw, or be an author? How about a Professional Athlete? Did you hope to have a distinguish Military career, fly jets, sail the ocean, see the world… protect it?

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Were you an out of the box thinker? Did you want to invent things? See a need, fulfill a need, change the world? A doctor, a surgeon, a scientist?

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Did you have a calling from above? Maybe you wanted to lead and change hearts? A Pastor, a Preacher, or a servant was your calling?

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I’m sure that I’ve missed so many amazing calling, careers, life changing and purposeful, money making callings. There’s so many great things to do that can and do make a great impact on the world and the people around us. Big and small.

Do you know what your calling is?

Do you feel pulled towards somethings that you don’t make any money for at all? Like raising a family? Volunteering at your church or in your community?

Is this expectable?

Is it okay to follow your calling if it doesn’t make you money, whether you need the money or not? Does a person need a calling that is profitable or can you just follow your heart?

Is it okay to do something that is totally not what you’ve been called to do at all?

Maybe your a teacher and really dislike children… but it pays the bills? Do you keep the job?

What if you work at a bank but are terrible with numbers?

Maybe you’re in a field that keeps you with large groups of people with gives you high anxiety being in crowds. Or the other way around, you work alone and need the energy from others to keep you motived and focused. Do you keep a job because it pays… because that’s all you know, but drains your soul?

I’ve been sitting with this for awhile now. Because I don’t feel called in any of the “normal” places.

I’m just wondering how other people feel. We all have bills to pay and responsibilities. Of course, we need to carry our own boulders. But while we do that, do we follow our calling… do we search out our purpose? What do you think?

My calling is a gentle whisper… a quite slow stroll, a cool breeze on a sunny day. It’s a fresh notebook with a brand new pen. It’s a hot cup of coffee with swirl of sweet cream. It’s the wind in the trees, dirt roads and wheats fields. Long drives with the radio up loud and late night conversations with good friends or just with the one I love. My calling is wherever God sends me. Wherever He pulls me, pushes me or guides me to be.



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