The Cycles| A moving read

I just read this message out of Magnolia Journal, issue no. 20.

There’s something about holding something tangible in your hand. I’ve always loved magazines and real books.

This here really moved me.

What a beautiful tribute to loving yourself in a very unselfish way.

Experiencing your environment, your community, the world around you… in big or very small ways.

A sweet reminder that we need to enjoy our own company.

And… that different seasons in our life will bring different views.

I just was moved and thoroughly enjoyed the read.


2 thoughts on “The Cycles| A moving read

  1. Oh wow. I absolutely LOVED this! ♥️ My heart was moved as well.

    It’s so true, and I agree with you. We must enjoy our own company. When we can’t just be alone with ourselves and our thoughts without feeling upset – it’s a good time to examine why and dig deeper. I believe it’s a not so gentle nudge of Holy Spirit to say, “Hey, what’s going on? What needs healing?”

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s been a tough season of transition for so many of us, myself included. But I believe the best is yet to come. ♥️ Sending so much love your way sweet sis. Thank you for sharing this!

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    1. I just LOVE the Magnolia Journal! So many great stories, articles, poems and other sweet reads like this one. I was moved because I haven’t allowed myself to be alone in sometime. It’s in the noise of the world, I get so flustered and lost… I feel like my busyness is the enemy’s way of tricking me to think I’m accomplishing so much, but in reality I’m running in cycles, just melting. I can’t hear God, I far from hearing the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirt at all. I’m the most lost but I feel accomplished!… Until I hit my pillow and just want to cry in exhaustion.
      I’m committing to time alone each day. Exploring alone. Sitting alone and seeing where God leads me more often. It’s not a lonely thing at all. It’s a great blessing indeed.
      I’m glad you enjoy this and it meant something to you! Many blessings to you!!
      xoxo sk


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