Time to Talk

I am currently under orders to get comfortable with my own mental health and more knowledgeable with mental health in general. As I have shared in many post before, I speak with a counselor and life coach once week to every other week.

In our last few sessions, we spoke more about my own mental health issues from the past and the trouble I have talking about them now with people in my life. How to talk to others about mental health and my personal story has been a real struggle for me. It’s easy for me shut down or get defensive. This is scary and weird.

Post One

This is post one. Well, see how it goes. I am not planning to share a lot in this first post.

The plan is to write about my journey and the ups and downs of it all. Where my depression and anxiety came from, how it started, when it started as an adult and how I handled it as a mother and wife. What I learn from it and how I overcame and mange it now. What I am doing and what I think works for me now and then.

This is not only about the past but also my future in current time. Not only do I plan on sharing my past story but the story that I am living now. Finding my confidence and growth through all of this is the mission and top priority. I’ll be sharing how my faith and my relationship with God has grown through all of this.

I’m going to be candid and share things that might make people uncomfortable… but this is my experience, my story. All are free to not read, not follow my blog. Capeesh!

As much as I love my following, and the connections that I’ve made, if people can’t be supportive then please just move on. Next.

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That’s how it is!

I was advised by my life coach to write about my experience. Writing is a great tool for me to process my thoughts, feeling and life. I was also told to add another counselor to my mental health team during this time. I’ve decided since I already have a counselor, I will be using Better Health Counseling. Someone to help me gain the perspective that I need to speak on the topic and the confidence as well! I have also been told to visit a few different websites which I’ll share below. Along with having a few different conversations with a few different friends and family members about my own person story. I plan on writing about it all. This might take no time at all for me… It might take me forever. I plan to take my time and be purposeful with this process. I’m going to let it all flow natural and post here.

To start, I looked up a few websites that I was given. Tonight I read https://mhanational.org/ and I learned a lot.

The thing I really loved was how to start a conversation. One of the ways was a text message and I thought that was amazing! It sounds so simple but somethings some people might think is too simple.

I was told to use text many times instead of face to face talk. Texting gives a person time to think about their response and not get trapped in fast, emotional responses.

When it’s hard to speak the words that you need to, to your loved ones, and let them know you have somethings important to share with them, a text makes it easier. You have control over the conversation. You get to take your time and that’s important. You’re in charge of how much you say or don’t say.

I was in this position a few years back. After working with my mental health team for close to a year, about 8 months or so. I was given the okay to to bring my family into the picture. I talked to my husband first. I told him that I had been talking and working with many doctors, a therapist and had a major health team helping to rebuild me from the ground up. I think he was shocked but it was finally time to bring my parents in.

I knew a real conversation had to happen as part of my own healing but it all started with a text. I can’t remember the text conversation word for word now, but I remember being scared. But it gave me time to think about what I wanted to ask them. Fix it before I sent out. Just think it through.

That conversation was super important. That text message was the start of me sharing everything. Which is going to be my next post, not in this one. This might even trigger me so I’ll share that later… I just can’t write all that right now. I’m not ready for that. It was a good conversation but emotional still.

The other thing about using text is you can send information you want people to read. It’s hard to find your words. Now it’s really important to remember you can’t control anyone but yourself. Sending out information that would help your people understand your better can be a hard first move. You can’t make them read it but you can find the information and send it. Be proactive!


This website is just one of many I was referred to, to help me on my journey.

I hope the ones that choose to hang on with me during this climb will stay understanding, patience and remember this is my prospective, my story and my mental health journey. I’m so glad if this helps anyone as we go but… again this series might not be for everyone….so feel free to pass. I understand.


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