Worry and Control Over Our Life

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Just spend one day flipping through the news channels, Social Media, even reading some blogs… and it’s easy to understand why fear is greater than most people’s hope currently. The truth is most people binge the the news in podcast, TV, and Social Media all day. We spend more time worshiping the news channels then ever cracking open the Bible for even 2 minutes. Our Spiritual warfare is seriously under attack!

Remember the days when being encouraged to ask questions, be a free thinker was a good thing? Now you might as well be practicing black magic. You can’t be a fan of the human race anymore, you have to choose a side, or your evil. We are forcing so much separation amongst each other, the future is scary for us all.

This has cause fear and worry over all our lives. We not only want to control our own life to the very second but everyone around us. No one is safe when we have this outlook. It drains all the hope and joy from our souls, and that’s just what the enemy wants from us. He couldn’t be more happy looking at how we all behave and treat each other now. Fighting, screaming, killing! We’ve completely stopped thinking for ourselves all together. We certainty don’t love thy neighbor. We have no faith in God anymore and the only worshipping we do at all, is too the the media and money. No wonder we’re in such a sad state of affairs’.

Think back before we cared if someone was wearing a mask or had the Covid vax…. before this lockdown took over all our lives and we were so involved in other people lives. We still went through hard things. We all had challenges that we faced. It could have been in our families, our marriages, our careers, our health, our finances. Sometimes, it worse things. Either way every person on earth has had some trouble to walk through. God gave us the strength to walk through those times when we needed Him.

My point is when you look back at those very real trails, we all have had; we have all gotten through them. For me, it was 100% because God gave me the strength to power through it all. So I have to trust He will do the same for whatever comes next. I just have to call on Him. I have to keep faith that if my fear should become real, He will give me that same power He has before. As He always has.

I can not control the future, nor God, nor what everyone around me chooses to whine about, fight about and scream about. I might not like it but I have to remember not to worry. Jesus said not to worry about the future things. (Matthew 6:34) We are told that God will help us in our time of need. Do you believe this? Will we call out for His help? I do believe! I do call out! This is for ALL people. It doesn’t matter if you wear a mask or not! It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you sit on. So stop worrying about that. Believe this!

When worry, anxiety, the need to control comes flooding through your veins, and all your fear come raising up, remember this is not your battle. Jesus has your back. He gives you strength and power and takes away all fear.

I know in the worse times in my life, when my anxiety was the absolute highest, it was my faith and prayers to God that gave me peace, strength, and took all my incontrollable fear away. He was there when I forced all that anger, hate and pain I was holding, to Him and gave it away. I made room for His love and asked for His help, His protection.

The thing I needed to know and it’s important, is God is real and He deals in REAL. He doesn’t play in make believe. He’s Word does not promise to give me strength and help before I actually need it, or just because I think I do. God made you and knows all. God will help but not before you are actually really facing the particular issue. Sadly, we have made a lot of what happening now up in our heads. We created this fear monsters, the worry monster to hold us hostage and it’s invisible. So stop it!

Ask God to free you from fear. To allow you to trust, no matter what happens and He is mighty to save. It’s normal to get stressed out and have a need to control things from time to time. We’re human. Playing out what kind of bad things might happen. I do it all the time! I have a tendency to be an overthinker about what kind of bad things might happen.

Trust and faith in God, and control and worry can not coexist. It’s like a raging battle in my gut! But think about all God has ever really asked us to do, is to trust Him. He has the finally picture. He doesn’t give us much details on what that looks like, just trust Me.

If we look back in scripture we can see He has done this over and over. Abraham was to leave his country but he wasn’t given a specific destination. He was told to have faith. The people of God were told to step into the wild raging river, completely unsure of the outcome and God parted the waters. Mary and Martha had trust when told to move the stone from their brother’s tomb. There’s so many examples where Gods not only tells us “JUST TRUST ME” but shows us He is trust worthy. Something He doesn’t even need to do.

For me I have decided to challenge myself. Anytime I feel a struggle of fear or worry coming on, I will declare this to Jesus and ask for Him to forgive me and take this fear away. To give me the strength and faith, the trust and the power I know He created me with.

I will stop negative thinking in it’s tracks! Replace it will a thought of what I am thankful for or how God has blessed my life. We all can do that!

Hey for you science lover! Did you know that scientist believe that we can create new neural pathway just by changing our thoughts! Pretty cool! Change one negative thought to something positive and the patterns will change! Wipe out the tendency to go to the dark side all the time!

Imagine if we all did this to all of our toxic, fearful, controlling thoughts! How freeing that would be! What a nicer place this Earth would be for ALL of us!

It was Apostle Paul that talked about taking our thoughts captive and it’s the first step in releasing control and graining our life back from all the fear and worry that is controlling our lives, and hurting not just you but everyone around you. Think about it.


15 thoughts on “Worry and Control Over Our Life

    1. It’s a good reminder for me too. I just wrote this yesterday but my life coaching session today I was reminded again that if my fear ever came to be, I have already went through that and did handled it well. We were talking about abandonment at time and being alone. I get fearful of that happening again… She reminded me that I am not there now, and even if it did repeat again I have proved I can handle it. It’s crazy how anxiety and worry takes away your logical brain.

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      1. I’ve heard that argument before, about how you’ve already been through it… but I don’t like it. Please excuse the graphic nature of this analogy, but you wouldn’t force someone who had been raped to walk down a dark alley in a bad neighborhood, and when they objected, tell her that she survived her last rape, so if she gets raped again, she’ll handle it well. That seems a bit extreme, and I’ll admit I don’t know what it’s like to be raped, but the last round of lockdowns was horribly traumatic for me. I can’t spin that supposed coping skill into something positive.


      2. I have been. So I can tell you. I wouldn’t want to repeat that. And I am NOT saying “you’ll get over it.” A violent act such as that, you would be luck to survive. I know! However… lockdown as traumatic as it is and has affected us all differently… you are still here. With a job, friends, a life, breathing and able to make choices still. You’re surviving it well. Was it hard? Is it still hard? Absolutely! Painful? YES! But you’re making it! And that’s impressive. We weren’t promised an easy life. Just a life. We make it what we want it to be and sometimes that’s extremely difficult and not at our own doing. We just have to do the best we can. Think of Paul/ Saul as he wrote in Prison of Joy and love. I’m sorry that the lockdown was so hard on you. I pray to dear God we ALL don’t go through another one. I will continue to pray over you.

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  1. I haven’t read such a great text in a long time. You inspired me. I used to be a person who believes in god, but I haven’t been that person in a long time. Maybe it’s time to think about it. Either way great post ❤❤❤

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