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The People That Inspire Us & How To Find Their Words…

These quotes are my very own collection, I’ve gathered over the years of writing and journaling. I have saved them all on my Pinterest Broads and page.

The Broad that I’ve saved these quotes on, for this post is named “Meaningful Words To Me“… you can find more there, if you give a follow to my Pinterest page. (32) Pinterest

Though, I did not write these brilliant quotes or sayings, they’re meaningful to me in one way or another. Whether they hits me the same way that they did when I first pinned it, may have changed; what has not changed, is the deep meaning these words have on my writing, my personal life, and how they have surpass all comprehend of everyone who knows me. They’ve reached a higher level of understanding.

It’s amazing when you read something and can say, “YES, THAT’S PERFECT!” When someone in this screwed up world, understands better than your closest confidant, because their words made this abundantly clear. It’s like for a brief moment you’re not alone in your feelings, your thoughts, your struggles, your joy, your success… your life.

The moment that I read these quotes, I felt them, so they got a pin! Sometimes, others can said it better than you can. Some of these quotes/ saying, may have been said by a person of some type of influence. While there are others that were written to move you, create a feeling inside you. And for that very reason, I saved them and wanted to share them with you.

All of these quotes or saying can be found on Pinterest. However, you can find many… many more on my personal page, Broad name: Meaningful Words To Me or try my other Broads, Mental/Emotional Health or The Real Me.

Also, if anyone is interested, I have two somewhat organized… unorganized Broads, named fabicthatmademe and the other is Writing Blog. This is where I save saying and quotes that I have used in past post, along with writing quotes and writing ideas.

There’s so much more there to look into! Recipes, Decoration indoor/outdoor, dog stuff, Health and fitness, Fashion, Mom stuff, kid crafts, and much more… if anyone wants to take a look!

Please feel free to follow me on Pinterest, share or use these quotes and saying. These words were meant to be read and shared. The incredible people that said them, and wrote them deserve that!


18 thoughts on “Honest Q’s To Read & Share

  1. This post is actually making me think about using Pinterest, something I’ve never done before… haha…

    The Salinger quote about finding out where I want to go, I’m going through that again, questioning if I’m really in the right place. Unfortunately, I’ve already committed to being here another year, but I’m going to be thinking long and hard about some things over that next year. It’s going to be a very difficult decision, whatever happens…

    And the grace to be slow to anger, that’s the story of my life, I should probably start every day praying that…

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    1. The transition moving to a new place is a big decision. It takes a ton of time, planning, and money! I know without the help of my husband company I wouldn’t be able to do it very easily and even with it… it’s still a huge productions. You don’t cross state lines and your life transitions over for you. It’s a ton of work and stress. But it’s exciting too!

      More career opportunities, friendships, better relationships, things to explore. And it’s good to start fresh sometimes. No one knows you. You past is your business and no one knows anything unless you choose to share it.

      You literally can be the person you want the world know, without the baggage of your childhood, bad break up, high school nightmares or whatever… following you around. I’m not saying you or anyone needs to be a fake new person but we all… hopeful grow up, mature and change. We aren’t the same people we were at 15 or 20 or 30…. you know what I mean…

      It’s nice to be able to actually live in your new found awareness and not be reminded of that place you don’t live anymore… physically, mental or emotional!

      Moving away has been hard but still the best thing I’ve ever done for myself personal, my marriage and my kids. But now I’m ready to lay down some roots for my kids. However, I know we could hit the road again any time.

      I will be praying for you and this journey! You know God will direct your steps! If it’s from Him then it’s the right way to go. Even if’s hard.

      Praying for you about this!

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      1. Thank you for the thoughtful response. My situation is a bit more complicated, and I don’t remember how much I’ve told you. I have a lot to lose at this point, and I don’t know if it’s worth it.

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      2. I’m praying for you. I’m not just saying that… I am praying. I went through and reread though some of our old comments to see what I might of missed… just to refresh my memory of our conversation.
        I’m not sure you have told me all you have to lose but I did read about the job and extra income that come along with that. I read that you have a girlfriend… I mean, I see that you have established yourself and have roots where you are for sure. I wouldn’t want to leave a good paying job and someone I love.
        Either way, I’m praying God will direct you so you’re not leaning so much on your own understanding.

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      3. Thank you. I appreciate it.

        I do have roots here in terms of my job, and I’ve been here for 15 years so I know people. But on the other hand, a lot of my friends around here have moved away in the last few years, or plan to do so soon, and I don’t have actual family nearby (although they are within day trip distance), so it isn’t clear anymore whether it matters that I have roots here.

        And, just so you know, we broke up two months ago. Things just kind of fizzled and weren’t coming back together, we both have a lot to deal with in our own lives right now, and there were some lingering compatibility questions from the start. I feel like I’ve kind of given up on that and I’m ready to accept that I’m just never going to know what it’s really like to be in love like that, and maybe it’s okay, maybe I just wasn’t meant for that.

        (Interesting fact, my only two relationships that have ever ended on good terms ended 15 years apart to the day. I’m not sure what to do with that information.)

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      4. It’s good to hear from you!
        Sorry to hear about your girlfriend. Relationships are complicated not matter what! I’ve only had two long relationships also, one with my husband…. still going strong 17 years married and 20 together! The other was a high school boyfriend. We dated for about 4 1/2 years and it was hard to get rid of him. He was super controlling and was older than me. Anyway, I learned a lot about what I did NOT want from that relationship.
        When the time is right to make a move, you’ll know! Keeping you in my prayers!

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      5. I’ve spent almost my entire life alone. This recent relationship was the only one that lasted more than a year. From the handful of short terrible relationships I’ve had, I’ve also learned a lot about what I don’t want.

        I don’t know if the time will ever be right. Masks are coming back here, so now I’m back to being terrified about the nightmare of the last year and a half coming back and never ending, and I can’t concentrate on anything else when that’s the only thing I can think about… :\

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      6. Oh man! I know the government is getting desperate to find some control because people are feeling free again and that terrifies the govern. The mask, covering ones face is a big control over a person life, their individuality, and showing your emotions to the others. It hide us. I hate them for a number of reasons. That right there would give me a enough reason to move away.
        But one thing you need to remember is you are never alone. With your spiritual back ground, you know this! It is hard to believe it at times and feel it, but you need to remember that. You can have 100s of people praying for you and I believe it will move mountains but your personal talks… your relationship with Jesus is what changes the way you see the world, and move in it. When you feel lost, alone, are struggling….talk, yell, speak to Jesus… He wants you to! Your mindset will change and things will around you!
        I mean… I’m dealing with a nightmare amount of anxiety right now and feeling so drained by people around me, so I need to take my own advice… but it’s good advice… right!
        As far a being in a relationship with a women… the right one will come along when the time is right. You have so many things to figure out and I believe God has someone special picked out for you in all this planning you’re doing. Trust in Him and remember HE has the big picture!

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      7. You’re right. I’m trying to stay close to Jesus, and I know he will never leave. Things haven’t been easy spiritually either, with my church now questioning whether or not we should continue (which in turn brings into question the answer to prayer I got two years ago that there was still work for me to do here). But I know I can still pray and read the Bible no matter what happens with church.

        I really did like my job before COVID, I like my coworkers, and I’ve worked in enough toxic environments that that isn’t something to throw away lightly. I’ve probably said that before. If I have to wear a mask at my birthday party (which is the current state of the recommendations, but it’s not being enforced yet), I guess I can live with that; at least I get to have one this year. But I’m afraid that they’re going to shut down all gatherings and my work again. However, I kind of have a feeling they won’t go that far, because they know the people will revolt, particularly with an active recall election against the incompetent elitist governor coming up in a couple months (that probably gives away which state I’m from in real life, although it was pretty easy to figure out anyway, and I may have told you before). It’s just scary not knowing. I’m tired of not knowing. I’m tired of having so much taken from me.

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      8. I feel for you. Freedom to live without fear is taken for granted. There’s people who are fine letting the government tell them what to eat, where live, when to go outside and where they go… never thinking for themselves but we know free-will is a gift from God and it’s our right to think for ourselves! We can’t just hand our God given rights over. The reason it feels weird and keeps us up at night is because we know this isn’t right at all. People were made to be in relationships, freedom isn’t free.
        We have to stick together, stay faithful and believe. Don’t lose hope friend! Don’t give in! The enemy feeds off of fear, angry and all the madness these idiots inject over social media. Don’t play into it. God will tell you what to do. He will!
        I know you probably feel like you’re just floating in space with know direction. God’s timing friend. He’ll move you when the time is right. He will send you out. Arise and Go! Prayer always.

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