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Honest Q’s To Read & Share

Be inspired. Share with others or keep for yourself.

Which one speaks to you?

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The People That Inspire Us & How To Find Their Words…

These quotes are my very own collection, I’ve gathered over the years of writing and journaling. I have saved them all on my Pinterest Broads and page.

The Broad that I’ve saved these quotes on, for this post is named “Meaningful Words To Me“… you can find more there, if you give a follow to my Pinterest page. (32) Pinterest

Though, I did not write these brilliant quotes or sayings, they’re meaningful to me in one way or another. Whether they hits me the same way that they did when I first pinned it, may have changed; what has not changed, is the deep meaning these words have on my writing, my personal life, and how they have surpass all comprehend of everyone who knows me. They’ve reached a higher level of understanding.

It’s amazing when you read something and can say, “YES, THAT’S PERFECT!” When someone in this screwed up world, understands better than your closest confidant, because their words made this abundantly clear. It’s like for a brief moment you’re not alone in your feelings, your thoughts, your struggles, your joy, your success… your life.

The moment that I read these quotes, I felt them, so they got a pin! Sometimes, others can said it better than you can. Some of these quotes/ saying, may have been said by a person of some type of influence. While there are others that were written to move you, create a feeling inside you. And for that very reason, I saved them and wanted to share them with you.

All of these quotes or saying can be found on Pinterest. However, you can find many… many more on my personal page, Broad name: Meaningful Words To Me or try my other Broads, Mental/Emotional Health or The Real Me.

Also, if anyone is interested, I have two somewhat organized… unorganized Broads, named fabicthatmademe and the other is Writing Blog. This is where I save saying and quotes that I have used in past post, along with writing quotes and writing ideas.

There’s so much more there to look into! Recipes, Decoration indoor/outdoor, dog stuff, Health and fitness, Fashion, Mom stuff, kid crafts, and much more… if anyone wants to take a look!

Please feel free to follow me on Pinterest, share or use these quotes and saying. These words were meant to be read and shared. The incredible people that said them, and wrote them deserve that!



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