Back To Something…

I have so much to update you all on! I recurrently just got back from visiting my Grandparents, my Aunt and Uncle, and my Cousins, from Wray, Colorado. It was a good trip, and I have many thoughts and feeling about that….but it will have to wait to be shared in a later post.

Currently, I am at my sister’s home in Fort Worth, TX and will be here all this week, until my family comes to get me. We’re planning on celebrating Father’s Day together! This has been the longest that I’ve been away from home in… well, ever!

But all that stuff will have to wait for another time…

Right now my mind is consumed with the present, future.

I know that doesn’t make that much sense. What I’m talking about is the the near future…. my near future. I’ve had an overwhelming thought lately about what I can do to set myself up, and my family, to have a brighter, more secure future. Doing something that gives my life meaning, fulfillment and is actually mine. It’d be something, I can be proud of, that’s didn’t from motherhood.

Enhancing a skill, targeting in on a talent, hobby, and making it better, making it work for me and, my family. When you’re good at something and you can find a way to make a living at it, then I see no reason why I shouldn’t look into this more! It’s all I have been thinking about lately.

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The Right Space

I’m a creator. I need to place that inspires and creates peace in me. Lighting, smell, and what will and will not interrupt me in everything.

I need to have a lots of notebooks, and tons of pencil pads, sticky notes, planners, and journals. It’s mandatory for me, to keep jars full of makers, colored pens and pencils, and lots of writing and drawling pencils on hand.

Most the time, I like to write. It could be in my journal, on my blog. It could be a story or a poem. Other times, it’s some type of art. Maybe painting, drawing, creating decoration of some sort…who knows. It could be full black and white. Other times, a blast of bright color, or seasonal themed. I have an obsession with plants… I love to draw them. Paint and movement are fun to play with. But that’s not where it stops with me.

I am a bit of a chemist too. I use essential oils in my life for just about everything and it’s another form of art for me. Playing with the different smells, creating body butters, lotions, scrubs, chap sticks…I love it all. Figuring out what oils work best for what and how they should be used is so interesting to me. Whether the oils are being used in a diffuser, in a roller on my skin or even in food or drink and the benefits are exciting for me figure out. The research of it all is fun and interesting for me. Feeling good, the way a room looks and smells, just like the lighting, and textures help create the prefect space to get to creating.

Art Space
Multi-uses Room * That chair look very uncomfortable.
Inspirations and ideas!
Neat, clean and bright.
Sunny, alive, and a good mix of indoors and out.
Plants make it alive, but the wood keeps it cozy.
Cozy and sweet writing/ reading space.
Perfect place to create some essential oils, blog, read, study, enjoy a cup of tea.

I’m a writer at heart, but that’s not where my creativity stops. It’s always been a passion of mine to express myself through some type of art. The space I do these things makes a difference! It’s what inspires me, and helps me focus and find my peace!

The way a room is lit creates a cozy place to read a book, or sketching away. Maybe just to let my fingers type away on my key broad, with the sounds of acoustic guitar playing in the background. This sounds like the perfect setting to process life, to creator whatever needs to flow from fingers, and let loose all that’s trapped from my brain. It’s the most perfect outlet.

Outside Office Space

Sitting outside, in the fresh air. The breeze cooling my hot skin from the sun, as I sip on an ice coffee, ready to tackle my next blog! Being inspired by the clouds rolling by, the song birds melody playing in background, and always my dogs constant panting.

The perfect amount of sunlight and snacks!
Cozy reading, sketching and coffee space.
Inspired by candle light.
A light indoors, meets outdoors, meet perfect mixes.

No matter where I am that’s influencing my creativities, I know this is what I am meant to do.

Is the time now?

When You Find Some You Love

I’ve been thinking just that because you have a love for something doesn’t mean you’re any good at. Heaven knows that I have plenty mistakes all over my blog post. Which is fine, this is an outlet right now. A place to process and connect to others. But I want to learn, grow, expand. So that means, I need to be able and willing to improve.

This is where Skelly ages herself….

I didn’t grow up work with computers. Partly because we were poor. The other part was simply because the priority was learning to type fast. In school when learned grammar, and how to read and write, but when it came to computers, it was to how to find “home row” without looking and to how to type fast. The goal was for girls to be able to become a quality receptionist one day. Nothing about this seemed off to me at all. But it was said over and over to us.

I typed all my reports and essays on an actual old school typewriter and it was pure torture! If you made a mistake while using a typewriter, and you didn’t have easer tape…. you had to start all over! I used lots of white out. My papers always looked terrible. It was really bad. I remember having to pay .10 a paper at the library to get my papers typed because my typewriter one weren’t cutting anymore. I actually miss those days.

I’ve had to teach myself everything that I know and that’s not much at all. YouTube have been a lifesaver for me. Learning WordPress… twice now, has NOT been easy. And honestly, this second time around since they (WP) changed it all, I still don’t have it all down. I mostly guess my way thought it.

The conclusion is this, I think I want to go back to school. I’m a bit scared.

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I need to get better finding my way around on my computer . I want my general knowledge to be proved with in comes to computers and writing. I want to be more comfortable. with it all. My writing needs improvement and I’m not blind to that! My husband has let me know this on more than one occasion. It’s not that he isn’t supportive of my writing, because he is! It’s just that when I do make a mistake…I’m the butt of his jokes. Which is fine, I guess. Being that I’m the quick witted one, this makes him the slow one in our family and much easier to make fun of, and so he needs all the help he can get. It’s just that his humor is usually mean to people…mostly me, because he’s just not good at being funny. But he tries… So when he does get a chance at a joke it’s a hurtful one at my expense… lucky me.

Anyway, I think going back to school, will help me to acquire knowledge that I need in some critical areas! Such as, discovering my way around a computer, improving my writing proficiency and maybe even developing my art abilities!

Perhaps, I could even master something totally new! I would love be proficient in excel or something like that. It would not only give me more confidence in the work force, but it would do so much more for me personally.

I would be able to start a new career path. This is something I really need to do because I feel like teaching is over for me now. I don’t know that for sure but I don’t feel that same way I use to about it either.

I’m not sure what I would do yet as a possible career, but to get more knowledgeable in excel and my develop my computer skills can’t hurt! Being a great writer has to help too! Now, I have to figure out what kind of classes that I need to take!

I’m finding my way day by day…

Finding My Footing

Being a full time domestic goddess, accountant, mail carrier, nurse, chief, personal assistant, referrer, meal planner, taxi driver, organizer, life coach, prison guard, stylist, financial planner, entertainer, handyman, mind reader, monster slayer, maid, investigator, photographer, interrupter, hygienist, travel agent/memory maker, homework fixer/doer, crisis handler, personal trainer, personal google, snugger/body pillow, a laundry wizard, lifeguard, pet caregiver, school teacher/ teachers assistants, holiday maker, personal shopper, a personal body guard… because in my kids case, I certainly am.

With all that said, I had to do something for myself and not worry so much about everyone else. Over the last 2 years or so I’ve been fixing all that was broken and neglected mentally and, more recurrently, physically. I still need time to sort things out but, I’m close.

The next part of this process is setting myself up right professional. I know I am good at what I do, but I need to be better. And I think it’s time to explore that! So that’s just what’s been on my mind lately. I’m not thinking 4 years of college all over again or anything like that…. no just freshening up and honing in.

Gotta start somewhere…

I’m not sure what my career path is, where all this might lead, or what I’ll be when I grow up. For now, I am happy being all the things a mom and wife is. I embrace it all fully. Play will my hobbies is good enough for me for the time being. However, I am also peeking around the corner at what else might be out there for me.


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