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I was on Instagram the other day and saw a post titled “What’s a controversial piece of writing advice that you swear by?” I flipped through all the comments and most things people said were things all of us already know. But when I followed the links, to what accomplished writer have said, it hit me.

Because what rang true is very… very rarely does anyone make big over night. Most real writers, that write very single word themselves, don’t have a whole team to help them along. They heard no far more then they ever heard a yes. They always were writer even when they held two or more jobs trying to make rent.

We’re writer first.

I thought I would share the top 4 pieces of advice that I personally took to heart.

Top 4 Pieces Of Controversial Writing Advice

4. Don’t get so stuck in one way of writing, or theme, that you refuse to expand your mind. Always be willing to change, take a risk, and improve! Listen, hear people out, be open to taking other’s idea inconsideration. Even if it comes at you as criticism, or plain dislike of your work. Never let yourself get stuck, not in yourself or in someone’s else idea of you. Always be willing to experience, grow, learn and improve.

3. Just write. Keep it old school. Write it all until it’s finished. Then go back and edit, make the changes you want. Then write out your final draft. If you worry about editing as you go, you’ll never finish! Worrying about your editing during the creative process only blocks it all together.

2. The difference between people who want to write and a real writer, is an actual writer finishes. ( That one got me!)

1. Many people want to call themselves a writer but worry about saying the words… “I’m a writer” out loud to people. This is because they haven’t published anything, or haven’t hit a best seller list (yet). But if you writer and/or share your writings, then you are a writer. You don’t need a degree or training to be a writer. You just need to write.

PS. I am a writer


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      1. Well…. I think I am a weird too. Which my niece told me yesterday is a compliment! But, I don’t hold any specific category in my writin gor this blog. I’m all over the place. stories, poems, rants, random thoughts, pictures, and then straight ghosting my blog all together for a month of more. Someday I’ll get it together!

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      2. Honestly, I really don’t mind writing that is random and sporadic. You’re telling your story. And that’s the awesomeness of it.

        I can’t stay on topic either. I didn’t delete my poetry blog either.

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