Posting Daily?!

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What The Actually Heck?

How do you all do it? I know I need a better posting schedule but I seriously can’t keep this!

When I going through my emails and see all the Bloggers that I follower, I do my very best to read everyone’s work! I know the time it takes to create a great post! Not that mine are great, but I know the time, effort and care that’s put into a blog, and you want them read with appreciation. We want people to read what we write! I know that I do!

But as I gain more followers and start to follow more people, there’s just no way on God’s green earth that I can read everyone post with the care they deserve. I’m seriously in shock how some people can post more than once a day! Some Bloggers are posting 5 or more times in a single day! I have no clue how they have time in their life to do this? How do they take the time to read their comments? Are they reading other peoples blogs? Do they follow anyone? Do they do anything else besides blog? How do they manage these can of schedule and do and again and again day after day? What the actual heck?

I know we all have different skill sets and different lives we live! This makes some things easier or maybe even harder so some of us. Still, to find the time to post 5 or more times a day and have it be a quality blog? I’m partly jealous, partly confused. I wish I could get my writing schedule in order, where I had a new post every week. It’d be awesome to get to my stories, my poems and a journal post publish every day! I wish that I could get to my comments, with great meaningful replies and read every Blogger that I follow, along with still have time to really read their post. But when I’m swamped down with 5 and more daily post there is just no way that I can keep up!

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How Do I Keep A Good Schedule?

If I had a good a team of people, a good editor…Lord knows that I need one, I might be able to do this! I just might be able to get what I’ve already started published and out to everyone. I have several stories that need edited, and a few need to be finished. I have SO MANY poems that need the same help! There are a few post that I’ve written about my life that I just simple didn’t post. Why? I don’t know… lack of something…

I can’t get to my comments the way I use to either! I can’t read the blogs I once followed the way that I once did. I’ve lost touch with some of my favorite writers. I hate that! Our connection isn’t the same. They have stopped reading my blog and stopped commenting all together. Sadly, I have done the same. Either way, the connection that I want to have with my followers and the other writers that I am so inspired by has faded. This really isn’t the way I want it.

Now I am asking for help. How in the heck do I get on a good schedule to get my blog back on track? It’s gone off the rails and so how my inspiration! I don’t have any plans to “over post” some 5 time a day, but I would like to get one post published every 4 or 5 days. I’d be very happy with that.

One of the biggest issues for me is, I manage three other people’s busy schedules beside my own. Plus, I am currently on a major health overhaul! Since my surgery, my health has taken over my life in most every way. Working out, stretching, spacing out the timing of taking my vitamins/ meds throughout the day. Along with being careful with my eating and drinking and the timing of that has to be right…it’s a full time job for me right now.

Plus, I’ve really been working on my mental health and spiritual growth. Between jumping in with both feet with my new church, starting a new in-person Bible Study, and volunteer for everything that I can! And also joining a new Life-Coaching class about Forgiveness and Knocking Down Walls, along with continuing my counseling, weekly or bi-weekly, because I’m busy!

So I ask…how do I get my blog, that I love so much and start publishing if this this was my full time job? Well…maybe part-time. Especially, when I have all this other stuff going on! I’m asking all of you out there, that are posting 5 times a day? Tell me your secrets? How do you do it? Do I need to get a special “writing” planner? How do I get on track here and still work the rest of my life in? How do I make time to edit? I need help with that for sure! Help a girl out! How do I post, get to my comments and stay involved with my other creators?

I’ll be waiting for your advice in my comments…. LOL

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32 thoughts on “Posting Daily?!

  1. I’ve slowed down on my posts. But I don’t mind. I’d rather have quality than quantity.

    Schedule your posts as you write them. Maybe not daily maybe weekly.

    I guess I have way more time than you lol 😝

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    1. I get what you’re saying. But I have an issue not finishing what I started. I have… in my personal opinion… pretty good stories I’d like to share… but they’re not finished some don’t even have endings and they all need to be edited! Some of them I wrote up to a year ago! But I will just move on and start writing some thing else and do the same cycle of not finishing and not editing! What’s wrong with me!?!?

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      1. You’re really busy and there’s a ton of things in front of the blog.

        Which isn’t a bad thing… the blog should be a hobby kind of. Just go through the things you really want to publish and finish them. Just barrel through and finish them.

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      2. You make it sound so easy! And it probably is! I have a tendency to complicate things. I like to say it’s my evil power! I’m getting a lot of good advice and I think I’ll be able to and complicate everything very soon! Lol 😂

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      3. Ok I’ll be blunt… what’s your priorities? I know there’s stuff that’s much more important. But I know you have to have time for the blog too!

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      4. My priority is my whole health. I’ve lost 42 LBS! My schedule right is to take take care of my body physically. This goes on throughput my day. I have 2-3 workout a day right now, 5 days a week. I have time set aside for my mental/spiritual health as well. I am doing 3 different Bible studies, one in person, and two devotionals. I have life-coaching and counseling, also a webinar-class, once a week that about 45 mins long.
        You’re right I can make the time but I struggle with scheduling…Like where to put it all. I wish I could make it like a JOB… Such as every Monday and Tuesday I write, Wednesday and Thursday, I add pictures and edit, Friday Publish, Saturday read other blogs, and comments, Sunday off…. But I don’t think I can do that.
        I read some comments from others that have weeks of post, they are way ahead. But I post as I go. It’s easy for me to fall behind.

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      5. Your biblical studies and your health are your major priorities. I don’t judge you for putting them first. Your followers (me at least) will always be here.


  2. I don’t have much for you… the only reason I’ve been able to post every weekend is because COVID and the mass exodus of people and jobs out of my state have taken away everything I used to do on weekends.

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    1. I actually hate to hear that in a way. I wish every state would open up and let people live their lives, work, be prosperous again. But at the same time I’m really glad you have your blog to turn to. I know when I first moved from Colorado and left my job is when I started my blog because so much has changed for me. I’d left my busy schedule from teaching, work for 14-15 hrs. a day. So I understand that, I’m just busy in different ways.

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      1. You’re right. You should hate to hear that. It’s ridiculous and infuriating the way these people have run this once-great state into the ground. Enough people have left that we’re going to lose an electoral vote; the takeaway from that is that the people running this state need to do something different, but what they took away from it is that they need to tax the rich even more to pay for the unrealistic socialist craphole they want, and that the census is racist and it’s all Trump’s fault. Seriously. And they’ve successfully weaponized fear of the virus to keep the people in line. After the CDC announced that people who are vaccinated don’t have to wear masks anymore, the leaders of this state specifically said that that was just guidance, and that the original plan to reevaluate the rules in June would still wait until June to happen, and even after that masks would still be required in dangerous situations like indoors. Seriously… they were yelling at everyone to follow the science a year ago, and now they’re yelling at everyone not to follow the science. You can’t have it both ways.

        I do have some positive news, though… my job is stable, and I have plenty of money right now, so I’ve started to admit that I’m beyond the point of casually going for bike rides and I’m more of a serious cyclist than I thought I was. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to find a nice road bike, and I finally found a shop not too far away that has the bike I was looking at. It should be ready sometime this coming week.

        (Of course, when I say my job is stable, that’s assuming that I don’t go crazy and do something stupid to get fired, which has come close to happening a couple times over the last few months, because I’m so angry and distraught over what has happened to my life with no real outlet to relax or enjoy things. I said I have my blog, but it’s just not the same as having friends to hang out with face to face. Also, my job has changed so much in the COVID era that I need to do some serious reflecting on whether it’s worth it to stay vs. move somewhere with more freedom but much lower paying comparable jobs. I’m leaning toward staying at least a year to see if things get better, but I might not know if things will be better until it’s too late.)

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      2. I agree with everything you said. I feel you for! Why do think everyone moved to Florida and Texas, even Wyoming? It’s not all about money, It’s about freedom! People enjoy their freedom and why shouldn’t they! I could stand on my soapbox about this but I think you did a really good job and I don’t disagree with you! It’s really fun that we can only believe in Science when it fit their “science”…funny. Personal, I don’t remember electing anyone from the CDC, they don’t get to tell us what to do and ultimately we should be reasonable for what is best for our own health. No one should tell you what to do with that.
        My husband got a lung inflammation in one lung and his doctor told him it was from wearing a mask. He was told to take some antibiotics and not to wear a mask for a month, so he could expel anything that might be trapped. Because shocker… sneezing and coughing is our bodies way of protecting itself. But when we have a mask all the time, it keeps our bodies from doing it’s job properly. Thankful… we do live in TX so he could go mask free…forever.
        I’m really sorry that you and so many others live in these places that are being overly controlled. These governs… or whoever should be jailed. But sadly nothing will happen to them. I am glad that you are able to ride your bike and your job is good, making good money is always a plus! You’re right writing in your blog is NOT the same as out into the world.
        Have you though of joining the millions of others and moving? There’s jobs all over TX and I have some friends in FL and they tell me the same there. You would have to start over but you’d get your life back, your freedom and be able to be in world again. Moving is hard but being locked up is harder, I think. Praying for you.

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      3. Believe me, I have thought about it a lot, and I’m still feeling some tension around that. This also isn’t the first time I’ve thought about moving for basically the same reason. I spent the summer and fall of 2005 wandering around the country thinking I was only coming back here to get my stuff (and someday after I finish DLTDGB, I will create a sequel based around that premise – I already have a placeholder page for it, I’ve had a number of different reasons for not moving. In 2005, I just wasn’t sure enough about things to make a long move, so I decided to make a short move. In 2019, I received a very clear answer to prayer that God wanted me to stay here. I’m not entirely sure why, but it probably has to do with the church plant I’ve been a part of for a couple years; we had plans until COVID derailed our momentum.

        This time around, I know money isn’t everything, but because of some extra work I did recently, I’m making more money than I’ve ever made in my life, and much, much more money than I would make doing the same kind of work in Texas or Florida or one of the rural states. (Did I ever tell you what I do for work? I don’t say it on WordPress because I don’t want to give away spoilers for future stories I’ll write, but I know I’ve told a few people from here in private messages.) Of course, there is the counterargument that the cost of living is so much higher here, but that doesn’t entirely apply to me, because I bought my house in 2008 when prices were nosediving. My mortgage payment on a small (1240 square feet, including the garage, I think) 3-bedroom house is less than the rent on a 1-bedroom apartment in this neighborhood. Gas is more expensive here, but that isn’t a huge chunk of my monthly bills, especially with a car that gets 58 mpg. (I’m a commuter, but I still only fill up the 10-gallon tank about every two weeks.) And I really did like my job before COVID. My coworkers and immediate superiors are by far the best I’ve ever had in the five adult jobs I’ve had. So, yes, you’re right that I’d have a lot to gain somewhere else, but I’d also have a lot to lose. And I still want to see where this church plant goes. So I’m mostly likely going to stay here at least another year and see if things start opening up. Some of our restrictions are supposed to go away June 15.

        Thank you for your prayers… I certainly need it.

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      4. I think you did tell me what you do but I forgot… my brain is toast… I’ve been short circuiting with my memory the last few months since my surgery. I need some Ginkgo biloba or something!
        It’s good to think about the positives and negatives but as my friend tells me all the time.. if I need to make a list of good and bad things, than I need not do whatever I’m thinking about. Probably right.
        Stay strong… it’s in these lonely, isolated times the enemy comes for us and gets in our head. Prayers.


      5. Thank you 🙂 I have a funny story about this verse, it’ll be in my blog eventually… Shawn, one of the guys I’ll be moving in with in an upcoming episode, once said that whenever he burps or his stomach growls, that’s the Spirit interceding for us with grunts that words can’t express.

        (Then I noticed that that’s actually verse 26, not part of the passage you quoted, but close enough 🙂 )

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  3. I post daily, but I also don’t have much else going on in my life to have to juggle. I have no idea how people have enough to say that they’re posting five times a day. I don’t write every day, but I have posts scheduled ahead of time, so I can write sporadically but still publish regularly.

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    1. Posting daily is amazing! I understand being able to do that is that’s basically your full time job. Plus I look at your blog often. So I see what kind of work you put out and obviously you put a lot of time and effort into it… because it’s pretty amazing. Obviously a lot of time and effort goes into research and communicating and connecting with others. Do you have a schedule how do you keep yourself accountable to do a post every day?

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      1. I have posts scheduled 2-3 weeks in advance, so I write when I feel it, and don’t start thinking of pushing myself to write until I get down to close to a week of scheduled posts, which doesn’t happen very often. It’s a weird system, but it works for me.

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      2. I need to get ahead. I just have an issue finishing what I already have. Not sure why? I have over 30 poems and stories already written but some need endings, all need editing… but I don’t do it for some reason. It’s a problem. I keep starting new things and not finishing. I’m super excited about it all and am proud of all of it but can’t seem to sit down and finish it. Part of it is my new laptop it not what I’m use to. I’m not a fast learner. LOL 😆

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  4. When I started writing I read everyone’s post that followed me. I also commented a lot.

    It can certainly get overwhelming. Now I just turn on the notifications for the bloggers I have grown to respect. I have also turned off my emails for WordPress unless someone comments.

    I was doing two posts a day. Now I am down to just whenever I feel like it. (I feel bad about not posting more though)

    But to answer your questions….when it comes down to it only you can answer them. Only you know when you have enough time to actually sit down and concentrate for 30 minutes to an hour and write. Or even read a few blog posts and comment with sincerity.

    I try to read while I’m drinking coffee in the morning. If I really like the post I will save it so I can go back and comment when I get off work.

    As for me personally writing is tough. An idea hits me at the weirdest times. So I jot it down and then go back to it when I have lunch or when I get home. Then I start writing. What flows out just flows out. If I’m interrupted by a text or phone call I read what I have written to get me focused again.

    I hope this helps…a little

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    1. Actually yes! Most helpful answers yet! I think being able to squeeze it in, Jot down ideas and come back to it in my spare time, might be my best option. Taking time in the morning -after devotions, to go through comments might be a good idea, as I’m doing this morning a matter fact… 🙂 Maybe just starting some new habits and incorporating my blog more. Perhaps having certain days for certain things? Who knows but very helpful! Thank you so much!

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  5. At the beginning I tried to post everyday, read everyone’s posts and comments. I just don’t have that kind of time anymore. Now I’m sporadic in the days I post. And I’m ok with that. I have a WP app on my phone, so when something hits me, I write it down in a post and save it for later. I’m like you, I have a lot of unfinished posts, just waiting in limbo. I have actually went in before and finished the post and published it months later. There are times when I first wrote the post, that I felt there was just something missing at the time, only to read over it almost a year later and discover I felt it needed nothing else, after all. I think timing is everything.
    Congrats on your mission. Whatever that may be! I I want to be on your cheering side. There are too many people who want to bring people down. 💜

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    1. Thanks for your comment! I’m with you and appreciate your… cheering! LOL
      I do feel a little less like a schmuck now that I know I’m not the only with unfinished post that needed attention! I love to write and sometimes I feel like I’m letting myself down when I put so many other things in front of that… but that happens to us all from time to time.
      After reading all (the few) comments I did get, I have given myself some grace on how much a post. I also have tried to be better about using my free time that I do get and giving it back to myself. That’s when I write. Most my time will always be given away serving others, to my family, my home and that’s fine… but I have to have time for what grows me too. Thanks again for helping me find my way on my writing path!


    1. Sorry. I’m late the party. I’ve been in Colorado visiting my family. I haven’t been on my blog at all so I have fallen behind again. so I’m not what you’re asking…can you reminded me? What do I need to figure out? My blogging schedule?
      If that’s it…I seriously still don’t have a good schedule still, but I think before I went to see my CO family, I was good about getting on about daily or at least 3-4 days to stay on top of things. I take a day to read blogs, a day for comments and a few days to write. Then I take a few days off. There’s no set days but staying on it, really help.

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      1. What an adventure I’ve been on. I’m still on… I’m not home yet. Currently, I’m at my sister’s home in Fort Worth. I’m gathering my thoughts on my visit to Wray CO, and what that was all about. It was good. There was a lot going on. I’m sure you’ll read about it. So much to take in. It was a lot.
        In church we were talking about margins… more specifically, how we use resources in our life. How we use them can really effect every part of our live. Our finances, our peace, our family dynamics, relationships in general, our careers/work life, our time, our health in all areas.
        Well, I just really saw the miss use of resources…we’re all guilty of it. But it’s sad when it’s effecting our aging loved ones. If anything it made me more thankful my sister and I made our trip to see our Grandparents, and our Aunt and Uncle. They do so much for everyone else…. They need some gratitude and time from others back! Especially, my aunt and Uncle. It was disappointing seeing the lack of respect they get from the younger family members for sure. The world is very backwards. If I acted like that my parents would have knocked me out… but then again… I would have never acted like that.

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