You Can’t Care

Me against me

This didn’t happen over night and it’s not for anyone but me.

It’s this long crazy process, I’ve been going through and growing from.

Investigating my weaknesses, my fears and all the areas of my life that have made me uncomfortable and insecure.

I dug in and found out that I’m gonna have to work. I’m going to have to leave the past in the past. I don’t care about the skeletons in the closet or the monster under the bed anymore.

Being an authentic person WILL piss people off. Being a go getter, doing hard things, being a tough person, a sensitive person; who says what they mean, will get you judged by others around you. I have to take that and keep on moving.

I’ve mistakenly cared too much about this world and it’s everyday person feels about me. It has stopped me from being myself too many times. That was my mistake. I let it make my insecure.

What I’ve discovered is I am not like anyone else. And I not supposed to be. I don’t have to worry about another’s opinion is of me. I don’t need to get defensive, or offensive because it’s not my business what anyone think about me. I will NOT hold their junk, their insecurities and make it mine. Frankly, I don’t get a shit.

People will crush your accomplishments, stop you from pursuing your goals, and try to create insecurities in you, simply because they know they aren’t you. They can’t do what you can and they know it.

Misery loves company, but I won’t join that game. No one will project their insecurities onto me, or inject my mind with their negativity! It’s me versus me, as it’s always been. One and done.

I don’t care for anyone’s opinion on about me, or what I choose to do. You’re either a fan, or you’re not.

Understand this doesn’t mean that I’m not listening. Oh, I’m ready to listen, and I’ve been listening… loud and clear.

I am always prepared to evolve, and grow. Change in important. But no one can beat me, but me. The competition is with myself.

Life is a great big journey and it’s about doing hard things, pursuing a better version of yourself, being prepared to help, and- keep moving forward!

This is freedom and it feels good!

The best is yet to come!
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4 thoughts on “You Can’t Care

  1. A excellent declaration for moving forward. I often say, what you had said in so many words, time out for people pleasing. I too discovered, that I am stuck with me, others can walk or run away. But since i am stuck with me I might as well get over people and learn to like and love me. This requires work, because from birth we been seeking attention and doing things to be approved. Good for you! that is real freedom you are declaring. A better you, makes for a better world, regardless of what anyone says!

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      1. You are welcome, I enjoy the fellowship my friend. You have been a big encouragement to me! What I say is not flattery, it is truth. and I totally agree about the “right” people will find you on your own path. Meeting at the crossroads of life.

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