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If you’re anything like me, than you might have an on going fight with yourself between keeping your ambitions quite and sharing the detailing with everyone. What I’ve realized is there’s things in your life that you need to keeps as your own private aspirations. Especially, as you’re working towards achieving your goals.

Sure, it feels good and even exciting to share your convictions and your new big game plans with the people in your life, but sometimes until you’ve reached that goal, hit that target and sealed that deal…it’s best to keep your head down and just get to work on your objective.

When it’s just you and your mission, there’s no noise to cloud your judgement, no distraction from meeting your goal. There’s no one and nothing to get you off course. Also, there’s no one questioning you’re every move, bring you down with negative vibes and discrediting your abilities or your motives. You won’t get lost in proving your goals and explaining the details to anyone but yourself. Because the fight to encompass your mission, truly is between you and the end result.

In many cases, when you’re working super hard towards somethings, you’ll have one group of people who cheer for you, and another who will going out of there way to tear you down. These Negative Nancy’s aren’t always enemies to you either. Just like you’re hype team won’t always be your close friends and family.

So this makes it hard to know who you can share your awesome new journey with. Because one minute someone close to you is SO on your side but, strangely as you win over and over, getting closer to your overall goal, you sadly will earn some haters. Those fans, your cheer squad fads. Your process is questioned, your motives, your direction, your reason, your why. All the sudden the thing they were so proud of you for, so there for you, in your counter, they now aren’t so sure.

Of course, having some reliable people to keep you accountable sounds great and I think we all need those people. But they are hard to find. Most people are helplessly jealous and completive, whether they mean to be on not. They might be all about your new business idea or health plan, but as you start to make it big or get that new healthy, fit body… they seem to be less and less “with and for you.” It’s just how it is.

Protect Your Mission

I have been trying for the last 5 years to get my life in order, after the great fall apart in 2017 (for me). I did a few things in that time for myself! Like, start this awesome blog, and start using a planner correctly, but I have stumbled and plain fallen on my face more than anything in all that time. It’s been a massive up hill climb for me.

The last thing I need is the wrong circle of people. The people we surround ourselves with is super important. When we are with people that believe in our mission as much as we do, even when we hit a wall, we tend we get up a lot faster. But with the group that sees everything as a negative, sees our mission, or our ability as impossible, they take you at your weakest point and try to break your will and your mission completely. You’ve got to distance yourself from those people.

I don’t really have a corner person or anything like that but I know, I have people who want me to be happy, healthy, and successful. But sometimes when I am not sharing the ends and outs with everything I’m doing, I feel like maybe my friends and family start to doubt me. That gets me doubting me too. But when you share to much you get all the questions and comments, the judgements and the unwanted advice. All that can get you spinning pretty easy too. Being that I walk the fence, of do I share all the details or keep it me to myself…this is always a battle for me.

You have to protect your mission! For me personal, I have to remember who I’m doing all “this” for and why. Why I wanted this so badly, why I’m working so hard. This mission is not about my kids, my husbands, my parents, my in-laws, my friends, or anyone else, it’s all mine. But they will benefit from it as I make my way closer and closer to reaching my goal and ultimately when I hit my target and can say, “I did it!”

My Mission Will Be Loud And Proud

I’m working on a collection of things and I am beyond proud of all them. Some of these things are personal, dealing with my personal health and some of these things are professional, and some of within my little family.

I will continue to write on most of what I am doing here and there because I do love to share my journey with you all, but also I can’t be distracted by those wet blankets out there, my work will mostly be silence. One day you all will know and when that time comes, it’ll be loud and proud!

It’s hard to keep on with your mission sometimes without insuring people with your progress. Like with any destination you might have some bumps along away. The last 5 years I’ve had some really huge ones, but for reason I felt the need to provide a whole play by play to everyone what I’ve been through and how far I’ve came. Truth is no one cares.

I just didn’t want people doubting me and believing their own fossil narrative. When really I should have never cared what the hell anyone thought about me or what I was doing. I don’t need to worry about that and neither do you. Because people will doubt you and make up things about you sometimes What’s important is that you and I don’t doubt ourselves or ever buy in to their lies!

We can’t lose our faith in our qualification to do great, awesome things! Anything that we want to do! We don’t need to get approval from the people around us, they don’t need to believe in our dreams for us to great things.

So get to work, because I am. Start now because I have. And don’t feel like you have to tell a single soul about the bad ass things you have in the works. I’m not. I know…We are working, achieving amazing things and instead of being the naysayer…we’re will be the congratulator and keep moving forward!

I’m thankful for the good advice that I’ve gotten over the last few months as I’ve been battling what to say or do. I’m so thankful to the real steadfast loving, encouraging people I do have in my life. One being my husband…you da man baby!


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