Celebrating Your Body

Love ❤️ the skin you’re in

In my class the other day we talked about how the media makes tends, and shapes how we feel about our bodies.

This is really true for me. Growing up I had super thick eye brows, which in the 90’s was a no-no. I’m pretty sure Gwen Stefani put an end to that.

Gwen Stefani‘s thin eyebrows.

I would looked in the mirror and feel like I had two giant caterpillars sitting on top of my eyes. I was probably over exaggerating a little bit.

Of course, if you look at pictures of men and women alike, they can’t seem to get their eyebrows thick enough now! Who knew that my Brooke Shields’ eyebrows would become, not only popular but completely overdone!

Brooke shields
Brooke Shields

I also had to wear glasses! 🤓 But as you can probably guess, that was not popular either like it is today. So I chose to walk around blind most the time, keeping my glasses in my car. I only wore them when I absolutely had no choice. Now kids will buy glasses with fake lenses in them just to be trendy! Who knew, I was so ahead of my time!

Now, the thing about me that not many people know.

I’ve always been the curvy one. Both my sisters have always been stick thin. No curve to them, just stick figures. Which was very popular growing up. That was the image that women wanted.

What I saw…

I was thin also but I also had curves. I had a chest, hips, a butt… there was no denying I had some meat on my bones. And for that reason, I was called the “fat sister”. This really messed with my psyche growing up. Made me incredibly self-conscious.

Although I was in great shape and less than a 100 LBS, it was not popular to carry around any curves, like it is today.

Now you see images of big butts and large chested women all over the place. This is what every single woman strives for! Where were these images when I was a kid?

The media says that this is culture stealing…but I don’t know if I totally believe that. I have the big hair, big lips, big nose, curves, and at one time thick eyebrows… (I have a story about that) most people just looking at me, would assume that I am a white chick… not knowing my nationality. (By the way, they would assume wrong.) I was alone with no one representing what I look liked growing up.

I couldn’t be more thankful that thick is in… but I also think it important to be happy and comfortable in whatever skin you live in. Because if the roles reversed again…. and they will… what happens to the people that don’t have the curves, that can’t gain weight? They start to look at their bodies as if they are ugly? That’s not right.

In class, we learned that we need to be patient with ourselves. Don’t look for happiness and peace from the outside but within ourselves. If we are constantly looking to fill a void, we will never be happy.

Unfortunately, the world will let us down. Changing trends, social media, mean girls… so on….Example and probably a shallow one… my eyebrows…

I was completely obsessed with thinning them. And truthfully nothing was wrong with them. All I saw were images of thin skinny McDonald like arch eyebrows. Why are we all felt like that was attractive I will never know! Anyway, I spent lots of time and money trying to pluck them. I would sit in front of the mirror spending hours wiping away the blood, after hours of plucking.

As I got older, I would go to get them waxed over and over. But even a professional would not wax eyebrows to the extreme thin line of a Gwen Stefani’s pen line. So that was super disappointing to me.

Over the years, I would stress over it but there was really nothing I could do but it was definitely was something I was super self-conscious of. I would even buy my glasses to try to cover up my eyebrows.

One day I was visiting a salon that I knew pretty well from my college days. They said that they were going to use a different type of wax on my eyebrows. That it would make a big difference and the wax would help the hair not grow back. I was completely down with this! So excited! Here we come a Gwen Stefani!!

Little did I know that I was ruining my eyebrows for life! The wax not only burnt my eyebrows off but took my eyelids with it!

I had third-degree burns on one of my eyelids and the other one was pretty bad off as well. I had pretty bad chemical burns that lasted about four months and because I am someone of those people that scars terribly, it took several years before the scars went away on my actual eyelids.

To this day my eyebrows have never been the same and they look pretty harsh! I have to use make up to draw them back on everyday. I hate to admit it but I’m still very self-conscious of them. There it is… confession made!

If only someone would’ve told me just be patient, your thick and beautiful eyebrows will be one of the most stylish things on your face, besides your thick lips, your large nose, and those glasses, that you have to wear each and every day. Pretty much everyone will be striving to look just like you! Who knew?!

People may have made fun of me for all of those things through middle school and most of high school. The last 20 years everyone has been trying to get all of those things, I’ve been trying to erase… it boggles my mind all of the things that I’ve done trying to erase so much myself. I should have been embracing myself!

I guess the moral of the story is whatever is in trend today, will be out of trend tomorrow. So it is incredibly important that we love ourselves everyday and what we see in the mirror from within ourselves.

The world will show you a picture to make you think that this is it, but the next day they’re going to make you think that it’s the most disgusting thing. Don’t use that as your grading scale!

I don’t need to look like a Kardashian to be beautiful or have a face like Gwen Stefani… though they are truly magnificent and talented. I am not walking either one of those roads.

I have to remember the path that God has me on. What my purpose is. The beauty that I hold inside and out is absolutely perfection!


14 thoughts on “Celebrating Your Body

  1. Oh boy… where to begin on this lol!

    Weight has never phased me as a guy. I know way too many guys who would only have girls who were as perfect as possible. All too often, these guys would end up in BAD relationships. And he would get hurt, she would get hurt, bad toxicity… but honestly, they didn’t care about what was on the inside. Both saw the outside and ran with it. Trojan horses are bad stuff…

    I guess not being “one of the guys” was a blessing for me. I knew what I liked. And I’ve always trended towards curvy/thick/fat (whatever you want to call it) women. It was also important for me to get to know a girl really well. Because I learned the hard way, she might have weight issues and not be desirable as other girls (in popular opinion) but she knew how to hurt! And I learned that thick chicks tried for the hottest guys they could get to make them feel pretty and attractive. Apparently I could not… 🤷‍♂️

    Yet, learning the person from inside out led to success. There are diamonds out there who others greatly overlook. And that was awesomeness for me.

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    1. I’m glad you found your diamond! I think I’ll have have some things I’ll struggle with when I look in the mirror. But I am learning slowly to appreciate all this body does, what’s we’ve been through together. It’s been a long hard road and it aren’t over yet! In my opinion we’re just getting started!

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      1. It really reminded me of my wife. She’s all about her brows all of a sudden. She went out and got those temporary tatted brows.

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      2. She went to a place that does them. Like, they actually tattoo them! They measure your face and then you have options for different looking brows. Then they do just like getting a tattoo. They’re not forever permanent but for a long time. They actually look good!

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      1. Well, that’s good new…that you’re not in danger! Sorry about your personal life and work but when my life since to be crashing around me I think look at all this great writing marital. Honestly, I’m a little on the fence too. I just got out of surgery Monday. My body is beat and sore. I’m weak and can’t eat or drink much at all. My brain feel like mush and in all I fell like I should be getting stronger when I’m not sure that’s the case at all. I feel like dumpster. I’m going to pray on it. Be patient with myself and my progress… and with with whole process. I’m praying for you too.

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  2. I think I found something you’d be awesome at! Cleaning and makeup videos are crazy popular on YouTube. You could try this! My wife would definitely watch you!

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