I Forgot For A Minute




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      1. I was reading a blog. Left a few comments. We had a decent conversation. Until my awkwardness stepped in. I couldn’t just shut up. This person probably thinks I’m an idiot.

        I’m sorry! I’ve been worried that you were getting too much on your plate.


      2. I really was taken on too much. I put aside my podcast website for now until after my surgery. I was suppose to be working on that with my sister but I ended working on it all by myself. It kind of sucks because I spent a ton of money on it already, that I don’t really have. But I will keep on with it, later on after I feel a little better. I think maybe this Summer or even this Fall when the Kids go back into school.
        I think for now I am going to just write on my personal blog. I am still working my two side projects on fabricthatmademe. That’s all for now. With this move and all the stress with that, my Mother in law and her dramatics, and just normal life things, being a wife and mother… plus my health stuff. I feel like I have plenty to be stressed over. I know it’ll all work out. I just the seem to take on other peoples bad energy, their vibes frustrate me, annoy me, and send me over the edge. Then the normal stress, is like very bad, frustrating, overwhelming stress, that is super annoying.
        Well, there I go! Not shutting up…just going on and on…I guess we have that in common! LOL!

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