Years In The Making| Making Plans


Making Head way!

It’s been a steady climb for the last 4 years of annoying weight gain. I truly have no clue what the hell happened to me. Maybe it was depression and anxiety? Maybe it was extreme stress? Perhaps it was all the different medications, I was put on? Never treating the issues, only the symptoms? Which each new medication seem to create a new problem! Or maybe it was the surgeries? Being in consent pain, and laid up in bed, couldn’t have helped things. Was it the cold weather, lack of sunshine, and total loneliness? Or could there still be something happening inside my body, that we just haven’t discovered yet?

Honestly, I think it’s all the above. A string of terrible doctors, bad advice, over medicated, and mental damaged, it all had a big ripple effect on me. I first noticed, my weight increase 4 years ago. We had only lived in North Dakota for 2 months. I was an in shape size 6-8. One day I notice my couldn’t pull my jeans on. It seriously happened over night.

I had also noticed a strange pain in my right hip. I thought it could be a number or things, but I wasn’t sure what? At the time, I was still living in temporary housing, so I didn’t have my scale, or a doctor yet. When I did finally find a doctor it was about 3 or 4 weeks later. I was in ND for almost 3 months by the time the doctor weighted me. I had gained 25 lbs in a matter of weeks!

Of course, I started working out, watching what I ate, and trying to move my body as much as possible. But my weight just kept creeping up. I was told, it was depression and maybe I was. I was told the same generic advice that we have all heard at least once before, “eat right, and exercise.” Gezz, thanks doc, I had no idea…. Here, take my copay for that awesome knowledge you’re laying down.

I was put on more meds, and the testing started. My thyroid was high… making it slow, but still it was never treated. I was told I’m anxious, and depressed, and again…. I think I might have been. My life had just been uprooted, and turned inside out! Of course I wasn’t myself.

I started working on my gut health. I was told lots of things, but nothing made a big difference in the way that I felt, or my weight. The only thing that changed, was that now I had lots of medical bills to pay. Still, my health was still going downhill! The amount of medications just kept growing. My pain was only getting worse. I was growing super frustrated.

After many test, diets, and more medications, I was no better. I did the elimination diet, FODmap diet, and went totally gluten free, nothing helped. I started meditation, yoga, different body wraps, lotions, and potions. In the end, I was in more pain and gain fast.

By Christmas I had gained 80lbs! I was miserable. So the doctor realized they had no idea what to do with me, so they sent me to another doctor. This doctor said, I needed a full Hysterectomy. I wasn’t too surprise, I had had “female issues” since I was 16 years old. So the day after my birthday, I went into surgery. At the time I was ready for it. Now…not so sure I needed it.

Depression really did get down but over the last year or more, I’ve started perking up! I’ve really came into my own, and as cheesy as it may sound, ” I’ve found myself”…I’m happy.

However, my physical health was still not great. Unfortunately, I was still gaining, and to make it worst, my feet were killing me. Putting any weight on my feet would bring me to tears. This made my workouts hard, and before I knew it I wasn’t doing much anymore.

Those my spirits were up, I still hated my body. Looking in the mirror made sick. My hair wasn’t right, my body wasn’t right, I was now close to hundred pounds over weight. It just didn’t matter what I did. My body did not match my mind at all. But they years of crap had made it’s impact on me physically.


NOW… In Texas I finally started making some head way. Sadly, these awesome, Texas doctors are fixing all the mistakes of the bad doctors. Either way, I’m so glad to be getting things worked out now. Things are coming together!

I’ve rambled plenty…It’s time to let y’all know the changes being made!

I am working with a Bariatric medical doctor, and a health coach. I finally have a Foot and Ankle Doctor! I’m starting physical therapy, along injection my booth my feet, it been life changing. I’m finally, after over 7 years of no treatment…I’m now getting treatment for my slow thyroid! I also am getting treatment for my lack of hormones, from my Hysterecmy. Also my migraines, are finally being manages, before they happen! Thank you GOD!

With weight loss finally happening, the right meds are being given and the wrong ones stopped! I feel like I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

Could I be on the way to a full recovery, of the last 4 years being a totally shit show? I think so!

Making Plans

I still have plenty to do , currently with my health/weight goals. However, with most of this in the works, and going smoothly, it’s time to look forward to other things I’d like to try my hand at!

I have big plans for myself. I want to go back to work, but it’s times to do something different. I was a teacher for close to 17 years! But with the way teachers are being treated right now, I just can’t do that job. I’m too outspoken for this craziness, that we are all living in. I’d be fired for saying what everyone is think.

I’d like to work with recused animals. I’m open to all animals, but I’m partial to dogs, as all my dogs have been recuses. It was awesome to work in that area, back in the day. I really like to revisit that! I’m fine volunteering for awhile first.

I might want to go back to a veterinary clinic. I use to work for a Vet in Colorado for about 6 years. There were hard parts about it, for sure. Heartbreaking sometimes. It could be very taxing, exhausting, and emotionally draining. But it was also really great in many ways. I learned so much in surgeries, giving shoots, dental and even grooming. I really enjoyed that part. It was so reward to help save a fur babies life! Being there for all the well checks, for the new puppies, and help in adoption! So I am considering trying that too.

The other big thing I want to do… and it’s all my sister’s idea…start a Podcast! I really want to do to this, and at some point have this be our full time gigs! I am lost how to get started. I’m YouTubing everything I can! Plus, my sister and I are 4 hours away from each other. I know we can still do it this way but I wish we had a Workspace together! It makes it hard to come together and brainstorm, being so far!

I need to put more effort toward this, because I really want this to happen for both of us! I don’t want to give away to much about what it’ll on about but, I will keep everyone posted on that!

I know this post is mostly me repeated my last post. That’s petty lame! Sorry. Thanks for dealing with it. I needed to process some stuff, I guess. The best way for me to do that, is to write out. You all get to be part of that…good or bad.

I’ll change it up next time! LOL


7 thoughts on “Years In The Making| Making Plans

  1. Ok, I’ll level with ya. You’re a woman. Your body is aging (but you’re not old!) and you’ve been through a lot over the past few years! Women are chemically and emotionally driven creatures and what affects your psyche, affects you physically. So there’s no shame for where you are right now.

    I haven’t worked out in probably 6 months. I’ve lost strength and muscle mass. I can definitely feel it. So, I’ve begun my weeny workouts. I have some 8 pound dumbbells that I smoke myself with until I’m tired. And I’m doing push-ups.

    I’m so completely ready for daylight savings time. My body wants run… but I have to keep putting it off…

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    1. I can’t wait till daylight savings too! It’s soon I think, right?
      I actually got my first complement today, said I look like I lost weight! I actually have… only 6lbs. But it’s a start.
      I appreciate your encouragement! I know I’ve really been through it, and obviously it would affect me all over. But I’m now getting on my feet… literally and it’s awesome!

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      1. It’s next month!!! 🙌

        I’m an encourager! It’s what I do.

        I have been doing my little workouts. Did 50 push-ups yesterday and I hurt today lol 🤦‍♂️ I’m such an old lightweight….

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      2. Well, we have to start somewhere! Now that I have these injection in my feet I feel like a champ! 15,000 and up on my steps everyday! I started up my yoga again and a little bit of weights! I’m doing petty good! It’s slow but my energy level is so much better and that’s everything right now!

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